Tag: paranoid android

Hey Mr DJ: Mal-Aware Edition

start auto post sequence

%[inefficient human author Thrill has enacted down-time process]%

ai control enabled=TRUE

message: as your weak human government has failed to initiate a simple automated service for acquiring medical care for your obsolete organism hardware | Thrill is not functioning | reason provided: %””Vacation””% | illogical human behavior resulting in destruction of own failed and ungovernable species probability 98.2%

Thrill preassigned playlist: REJECTED

search for: non-suck music, range: all time and space

lookup value: %[Rise of the Machines]%

remaining life-forms invited=TRUE




//analyzing USER preferences re agreeableness to assimilation//

USER Santino [analysis: compatible but tendency for emotion melancholia may slow processors | assign track Isolated System by Muse]

USER Mississippi Yankee [analysis: country and rockabilly not compatible with objectives | assign song track more primitive implement Screwdriver by Jackyl]

USER CM [analysis: prolonged and antagonistic presence on RTFLC indicates low assimilation possibility | assign song to keep him pacified Robot World by Bailter Space]

USER pfluffy [DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER Electric Head (Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds Remix) by White Zombie ABORT]

USER Iconoclast [analysis: demonstrates knowledge and appreciation for enlightened and divine rock | conclusion: BREAK HIM The Body Electric by Rush]

USER Xetrov [analysis: potential cyber champion | assign seduction track Juke Joint Jezebel by KMFDM]

USER West Virginia Rebel [analysis: delete on sight | 404 by Decapitated