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Stupid people doing stupid things.

Our over feminized school system is at it again. It is not enough that our schools now treats boys as having mental problems, medicating them, and demanding they act like little girls. These days any young boy wanting to be a young boy, and not simply accepting the requirement they spend 8 hours sitting still and listening to a teacher that more likely than not will be a female, spouting the evils of patriarchy, demanding they suppress the need to be little boys, today translates to mental illness. Conform and be a good feminized liberal or else. And that brings me to this ridiculous story.

The boy, a fifth-grader at Douglas MacArthur Elementary School whose name is not being released, was charged as a juvenile with brandishing a weapon, police said.

He was also suspended from school, and Alexandria City Public Schools Superintendent Morton Sherman said further action is being considered, including expulsion.

On Monday, the boy showed the plastic gun to at least one other student during a bus ride home from the school. The 10-year-old did not point it at anyone or threaten to shoot it, but he neglected to mention that the weapon was fake, said Alexandria police spokeswoman Ashley Hildebrandt.

School officials said they learned about the incident Monday evening and immediately started investigating. Alexandria police spoke to school administrators Tuesday morning before the boy got to school.

When the boy arrived, authorities found the toy in his backpack. He was taken into custody, transported to a juvenile detention center for booking and then released to his parents, Hildebrandt said.

“The safety of our students is always our first concern,” Sherman said. “We appreciate the quick response and action by our police.”

Seriously? This is liberal insanity on display. Don’t get me wrong, I am very sensitive to the whole school violence problem, but is this insane over reaction – and I am being generous here, because my real opinion can only be expressed with curse words – and does abso-fooking-lutely nothing to help mitigate or stop school violence. All it does is show how stupid and emotion driven the gun grabbers really are.

If anything, I suspect that this kind of insane and unnecessary over reaction is bound to piss people off and encourage the truly mentally unbalanced to do more of these school shootings. When people freak out this way over toy guns or a picture of a gun, it is not farfetched to think that the people that think committing these horrible crimes will see this as sure fire way to get them their 15 minutes of fame.

How about arresting and suspending kids that bring the real deal to school, and avoiding the over reaction that serves only to prove how stupid these people are, huh? What’s next? I am certain that a couple of kindergartners playing cops & robbers using their fingers or a stick as guns will end up with criminal records. That is, if this has not already happened. This is insanity. The kid that did this might not have been too bright, but the idiots that reacted this way to the kid are the real problem.