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Father Of The Year?

Today we have another installment of ,”What say you, jury?”. In Minnesota there is a dad that showed us the criminal side of being out of control at his son’s basketball game:

Eagan Dad Accused of Punching Son Over Basketball Loss: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

More here:

An Eagan man is charged with domestic assault after witnesses say he attacked his son at a basketball tournament Saturday.

Steven Wilson was booked into the Dakota County jail after the altercation, which took place at Lakeville Senior High School.

Witnesses told responding Lakeville officers that nearby parents stepped in when they saw Wilson punch his son in the face after his team lost. The injuries suffered by the teen did not require medical attention

Fifth degree domestic assault, thankfully the delineations don’t go any higher, you can see the elements of each offense here.

To simplify the process, let’s stipulate that;

1)All the parent witnesses that observed the beating testified and were credible to the jury.
2)No serious injuries occurred beyond some bruising.
3)The accused was not drunk, has no record for prior assaults, nor any history of domestic violence.
4)The accused took the stand and showed the requisite remorse/contrition, and admitted to needing counseling for anger management.
5)The son (victim) took the stand and testified to his dad being generally a good dad and that this incident was unusual for him.

There you go, so what do we do with this POS?

We can assume that the school has already banned him from attending any more games the rest of the season. I would not require jail time but would remand a fine, the maximum allowable which I think the video said 3 grand. I would also require some sort public apology to the school and to every one that witnessed this spectacle involving both a letter to the editor of their local paper and an in person apology to the team at their next practice, some hours, maybe 20 or so, community service done at the school, and a quarterly meeting handled through the county’s child welfare agency at his residence with all family members present for the next 3 years.

These punishments along with the fact that he lives in a small town and the story went national, these should do the job in his accounting for his actions.

Any other idea? Too harsh or too lenient?