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They are all crooks

Just look at this and you will know what I mean..

This is another of the reasons why Trump has appeal as well..

Just wow…

As our country goes over 1000 days without a budget, President Obama is getting ready to release his new incredible $3.8 trillion budget for 2013. As expected this budget is replete with massive gimmickry and the LSM will pretend that a reduction from totally insane spending levels to just insane spending, by instituting more class warfare, is a good thing for us all, while the dickwads on the other side will do nothing but protest the lefts political Kabuki dance of ruin. And for a fourth year in a row we will be running a deficit that when all is said and done goes over the incredible $1 trillion mark. This year spending is projected, and projected optimistically, to top $1.33 trillion, for 2012. But don’t worry, next year, something I feel compelled to point out they have predicted would happen for every one of the previous 3 years, they will get it under $1 trillion. Obama says so!

And we need to be reminded again that none of this is Barry’s fault, though. After all, Obama inherited this disastrous economy from guess who? And even if it has been three years of Obama policies, and the threat of even more burdensome class warfare regulations to come, that have done harm to any chance of economic recovery, and spending in the age of Obama is on par to double the debt Obama inherited, it still isn’t his fault. Bush is the one that went back in time and created the underlying incestuous relation between the Federal government and the many mortgage lending institutions. The one the left pretends never happened but that resulted in lending institutions being coerced into handing oodles of money to unqualified high risk people with the tax payers to take the hit when things went wrong. Bush also gamed the system until it imploded. After all, he offered little but token resistance in the face of such heroes of the people as Barney Franks and Chris Dodd, whom luckily put a halt to his evil machinations by pointing out he was just a jealous racist trying to keep homeownership from these unqualified people. Heck, the deficit spending of the Obama years is thus Bush’s fault too. Why not? Never anyone but Boosh’s fault.

Anyway, the LSM is out there in full spin mode. not everyone is optimistic with this plan. It doesn’t spend enough for the vote buyers!

Shit, we are doomed. The social engineering class warriors believe this is a win-win for them. As long as the game keeps going, they grow in power. And when the house of cards collapses, they plan to swoop in and take control of everything in true marxist fashion. They aren’t even ashamed to tell people that this shit sandwich is a good deal anymore. After all, if you object you have to be doing so because you are a racist! There must be an election soon and votes to buy.

The new talking points are..

It’s the tea Party downgrade! I have heard this now from every leftwing shithead that has been given air time anywhere. That journolist thing must be back on. It’s a concerted effort to try and convince people that the problem isn’t government spending being out of control and them borrowing money we don’t have to prop up a socialist utopia that is anything but, at the expense of the next generation, but the problem is with those stupid and evil people pointing out that the shit is unststainable. It’s a shoot the messenger for daring to tell you the truth scenario.

Here is that asshole Axelrod doing it. here is an even bigger asshole, Kerry, doing more of the same:

It’s those evil bastages pointing out that the emperor has no clothes, and they need to be burned at the stake for daring to do so! Our benevolent ruling class has been doing all this for our own good, after all.

In the mean time Obama’s plan to boost the economy is to tax it more and do some more stimuluspatronage spending. That’s cause the last time they did that it worked so well. Fucking genius! And the LSM is right there letting these assholes blame the people pointing out ogvernment is screwing us for the disaster of their making. Sure they really want to do what’s right. It’s the tea Partier’s fault they can’t!