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Shots Fired

I think we can all express relief that Oscar Ortega-Hernandez’s attempt to assassinate the President came to nothing more than his arrest and a dent in some ballistic glass. Doubtless, we’ll find out more about him in the next few days. But it has been amusing to watch the usual attempt to blame this on the Right Wing turn into a double backflip.

Backflip One: When the Right, based on the presence of massive violent left wing protests in DC and the guy’s bum-like appearance, tried to connect Ortega-Hernandez to OWS, the Left cried foul. They continued to cry foul when it was pointed out that Occupy San Diego had a moment of silence in his honor.

Backflip Two: When it came out that Ortega-Hernandez referred to Obama as the anti-Christ, the same left wingers screamed that this proved his right wing credentials. This is because fringe publication World Net Daily has run opinion pieces on whether or not Obama is the anti-Christ.

Be careful guys. Be sure to stretch and warm up before you engage in those kind of mental gymnastics. Would’t want you to break anything.