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Real world intrudes on stupid collectivist’s delusions

My state, “The People’s Republic of Connecticut”, overrun with moochers and other blue staters that have been living large on the work of the few productive, is in dire economic straits now that its government has done what the left always does: mismanage their tax & spend agenda. So now, with skyrocketing taxes and an orchestrated class warfare campaign backfiring on them they are worried about the super rich moving:

“There are probably a handful of people, five to seven people, who if they just picked up and went, you would see that in the revenue stream,” said Kevin Sullivan, the state’s commissioner of the Department of Revenue Services.

I hope these people move. Even if the collectivists that are running the place into the ground would then just solve the problem by jacking up taxes on the middle class, yet again. It would be worth watching their anguish. How dare people do what is in their best interest when collectivists with their own idiotic agenda want things from them? And I bet that everyone of these super rich are democrat donors and voters. Fucking idiots.

Douchebag says what?

One of the biggest idiots and a chief architect of Obama’s campaign to turn America into a banana republic, again shows he is a fucking moron:

(Weekly Standard) Senate majority leader Harry Reid says that “Everybody” is “willing to pay more” taxes. He said so in an interview with a Nevada Public Radio host.

“The only people who feel there shouldn’t be more coming in to the federal government from the rich people are the Republicans in the Congress,” Reid told the radio host, according to Roll Call. “Everybody else, including the rich people, are willing to pay more. They want to pay more.”

I would like to use two of the most left leaning entities out there as examples, and a reference to quite a few others, to discredit this idiot’s bullshit.

U.S. Senate scrutiny of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s tax strategies turned the spotlight on a unit with $30 billion in profit since 2009 that’s incorporated in Ireland, controlled by a board in California, and doesn’t pay taxes in either place. Apple officials acknowledged yesterday at a congressional hearing that the entity — a key subsidiary in Apple’s offshore tax strategy — is managed and controlled in the U.S., yet it still isn’t paying U.S. federal income taxes.

The shifting of profits by multinational companies is costing the U.S. and Europe at least $100 billion per year in lost tax revenue, according to Kimberly Clausing, an economics professor at Reed University in Portland, Oregon. “Over the decades, Congress and governments around the world have allowed a system to develop which allows multinational companies to earn income tax-free by using contracts to shift the income, on paper, to companies in low-and zero-tax countries,” said Michael Durst, a retired international tax attorney based in Washington. The result “is eroding public confidence in the fairness of tax systems in the United States and around the world.”

Similar practices by an assortment of companies — from Google Inc. (GOOG), owner of the world’s most popular Internet search engine, to Forest Laboratories Inc. (FRX), the maker of antidepressant drug Lexapro — are drawing increased scrutiny from regulators in the U.S. and around the world, particularly as European nations face a backlash against austerity measures.

Apple and Google are but two of these entities that do not feel any obligation to pay their taxes. Another big one is GE, a company whose CEO, Jeffery Immelt, was a key member of the Obama cabinet, and masterful at not paying more taxes like that idiot Reid claims all lefties do. I bet you Immelt, like the hard core left leaning top men at Google and Apple to go back to those examples, all pay top dollar to their personal accountants to avoid onerous taxes, too.

And if you think the problem is with me pointing to evil korporashuns to make that asshat look like the idiot he is, let me talk about some of these people on the left that Reid says are all ready to pay more taxes. Let’s start with our illustrious SEC State John Kerry, whom parked his yacht in another state to avoid paying taxes. Then there is Timmy Geithner, another Obama stud, whom just chose not to pay a good chunk of his taxes at all! I am also sure no democrat uses an accountant to prepare their taxes, just filing a 1040EZ, without any deductions, because, as Reid says, they are quite happy to send more of their money to Uncle Sam for the bureaucracy to burn up. I wonder if Reid and other prominent democrats make their returns public so we can see them all paying more in taxes. Or maybe not.

Hey douchebag, if you really want others to pay more, lead by example. There already is a way to make sure people like you can pay as much as they want: just go here. Then publish them returns. Until then shut the fuck up you hypocritical cock gobbling bastard. Fuck these crooks with their hands in our wallets are just despicable. Cut the fucking spending on the bloated vote buying bureaucracy instead.

Getting “serviced” by government.

Normal people often wonder why some feel the call to go into government. Most will tell you it is about some nonsense like wanting to make a difference or to help their fellow men. But the truth, especially with the ones that are the most vocal about hearing the call to public service because they want to make a difference, is that it is an awesome money making scheme. Case in point another member of Team Obama, whom told us she was there to help the little guy out.

After attacking hedge funds and their managers during her tenure in the Obama administration, Anita Dunn is now working as a public relations consultant to improve the industry’s image, according to a secret proposal obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Dunn, formerly the interim White House communications director for the Obama administration and currently a managing director at the Democratic consulting firm SKDKnickerbocker (SKDK), is being promoted by the public relations firm McLean/Clark LLC as a director of “paid media” for a pro-hedge-fund campaign. The project is described by promotional material as a “comprehensive public affairs operation” to “raise awareness about the positive role hedge funds play in the American economy” and to “eliminate the need for politicians to take aim at hedge funds.”

As White House communications director, Dunn helped President Obama criticize hedge funds as a key factor of the financial collapse—and she has continued that criticism, at least in public, ever since.

An industry outsider who was pitched on Dunn’s proposal told the Washington Free Beacon that he was surprised to see the former Obama official involved in the effort. “First we see Dunn attack us on television,” he said, “and then she tells us to hire her to head off the exact attacks that she herself is hurling at us. The entire thing begins to stink like a protection racket.”

Crony capitalism, where government picks the winners and the losers, and in the process allows the credentialed elite making these decisions to get stinking rich, helps the little guy how again? And lest you think she is an exception to the rule, check this out:

Dunn’s new consulting project comes just over a year after one of her Obama administration colleagues, former Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag, also accepted a prominent position in an industry the president has targeted. In December 2010, Orszag took a job as vice chairman in global banking at Citigroup, a company that Obama once tried to dissolve. Current White House chief of staff Jack Lew previously worked for Citigroup, where the Alternative Investments unit he ran was ranked globally as a top “fund of hedge funds” and invested in a hedge fund managed by Paulson. Current acting director of the Office of Management and Budget Jeffrey Zients previously worked for Bain & Company, a business consulting firm tied to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Meanwhile, former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, now a paid consultant on President Obama’s re-election campaign, is being paid to speak at an annual conference of hedge fund managers this May.

Dunn’s fellow managing director at SKDK, Hilary B. Rosen, sits on the board of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, which along with sister organization the Center for American Progress (CAP), has been a relentless critic of the hedge fund industry. This, despite the fact that Thomas Steyer, who sits on CAP’s board, runs Farallon Capital Management, one of the largest hedge funds in the country. Rosen formerly worked for the communications consultancy partnership Brunswick Group LLC, which advises hedge funds. McLean/Clark’s proposal did not mention Rosen. However, the head of SKDK’s New York office, Josh Isay, is listed in the proposal alongside Dunn.

Of course, if you are looking for the LSM to report any of this you are going to wait forever, and your waiting will be for naught. I wonder what the ratio of these people that don’t pay their taxes at all or in part, never mind their fair share, is. And we all know that the only evil people that do this sort of things are right wing assholes that want to keep women barefoot and pregnant, beat up gays and keep them oppressed, and are damned racists that don’t have the smarts to see how great Obama really is.

It is not a coincidence that when government of these kinds of people talks about servicing the populous, what they intend to do is the same kind of “servicing” that a bull does for cows.

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