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Swift Application Of Justice

Another one over my head. Apparently not much happens in New Mexico so when a cop does the hippity-dippity on duty in uniform, it is “alert the presses” time. Um, people, this is not really new or news worthy:

He’s in uniform, in public, and definitely caught in flagrante. But investigators claim the state police officer caught on camera having sex on the hood of a car did not commit a crime.

The story has gone national, and state police are not happy about it.

The pictures show a state cop wrapped up in an inappropriate position, having sex on the top of a car in public.

The photos were taken by a security camera at the out of the way Canyon Ranch, which is owned by Santa Fe county.

Supposedly the slutwoman who shared this moment of intimacy has come forward, you can hear her side here (turquoise box at the bottom).

First off, I don’t believe a word she says, sorry, not plausible to me. We do have an official admitting in the video in the first link that the real woman has in fact been contacted.

This was not the result of a traffic stop/sex for ticket transaction. The Sgt. in the video bent himself in all manner of contortions explaining and defining “on duty”, none of this would be necessary if he was in a marked police car working a shift. I’m betting that:
1)He knows the woman
2)Was either going to work, coming home form work, or going to court but was not “on duty” at the time of penetration.

The officer in question is described as a veteran, he would not barter sex with a complete stranger, too risky. Nor would he deviate from normal procedure involving any enforcement contact, no matter how good looking she was, again, not worth getting fired over. If I’m off base and this does turn out to be a sex for a ticket proposition then he is gone, color of authority/abuse of power, he will never work in law enforcement again.

As to the propensity of cops tearing one off on duty, please, don’t tell me you have never had a nooner in your office. If any officer told me he has never done this before in his career, I would not believe him, people being people, sex happens, everywhere.

As far as the notion that some women get off on the uniform, that is real, but some women are also batshit crazy, even when stopped to threaten the officer with a made up sex allegation just to get out of a ticket. The lesson that business and romance don’t mix is one that is learned early on.

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