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No Dipping, Period

Olympics and politics, why are we always catching them canoodling in the back row of the theater? Just as the clothing flap is starting to die down (Chinese made uniforms with prissy French berets, maybe PETA is right, go naked next time) and the opening ceremonies fast approaching, we got one more thing to talk about:

The United States may break with a controversial tradition and dip its flag to Britain’s leaders at the opening ceremony for the London Olympics, U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) CEO Scott Blackmun said on Thursday.
“We’ve talked about that a little bit and you never know what is going to happen,” said Blackmun.
“We have traditions, Britain has traditions, everybody has traditions but we’re still talking internally but it is not an issue we see as a big issue.”
It may not be a big issue for the USOC but it is one that stirs the emotions of many Americans.

Dipping seems a bit subtle, if Obama had his way they would all be bowing {rimshot}

Look, our British brothers will understand, we don’t dip, nothing personal and if you want a reach around later we can talk about it, but the flag stays erect. You guys understand about tradition better then most (pip pip, God save the Queen, Cheerio, don’t be a wanker) and this is one of ours.

The new world order types will toss out charges of arrogance, ugly Americans thinking they are better, tut tut, that’s the way it is.

According to historians, the U.S. has not dipped the Stars and Stripes since 1908 when the Summer Games were first staged in London and shotputter Ralph Rose refused to lower the flag supposedly saying: “This flag dips for no earthly king.”

Probably more urban legion then fact but it does have a certain eqalitarian ring to it.

I’ll be watching tonight and I hope I’m not disappointed. And Mariel Zagunis is a great choice, she is awesome.