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It’s Bush’s fault!

In typical fashion the Obama administration has again chosen to do something that costs jobs and hurts the economy of America, and then laid the blame on others for the impact of their decisions. The geniuses that brought us such successes as Solyndra and numerous other questionable renewable energy investments which benefit them and their friends, but not the consumers, whom they have been very clear they believe should have to pay far more for energy of the kind they approve of, have decided that the Canadian oil pipeline is not good. And they blame congressional republicans for codifying law that prevented Obama from killing the project by delaying the approval for so long that the Canadians would choose to go elsewhere.

In a decision sure to re-ignite a fierce energy debate, the Obama administration was announcing on Wednesday its rejection of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline because the 60-day deadline imposed by Republicans did not allow adequate time to review an alternate route through critical wetlands in the Midwest.

Deputy Secretary of State William Burns was to make the announcement on the project that would carry oil from Canada’s carbon-heavy tar sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast and would indicate that TransCanada, the company seeking to build the $7 billion, 1,700-mile pipeline, will be able to reapply with a new route avoiding an ecologically sensitive area of Nebraska, sources told National Journal.

Put more simply, the Obama administration is hitting Republicans back by saying no because of their forcing him to decide on the project in just 60 days. Republicans in Congress and on the campaign trail promptly painted the decision as a rejection of thousands of American jobs purely for political reasons.

So instead of blaming the Canadians for not wanting to wait forever for the “environmental impact studies” – that is code for I am going to drag this out until you give up or the cost forces you to go elsewhere – that Team Obama wanted to use to kill the project, now they blame republicans for trying to prevent them from playing that card. Don’t be fooled. Team Obama never, ever, intended to let this project go through. Now the Canadians whom despite their embrace of socialism are not insane will sell this valuable resource to the Chinese, and we will not only get to pay more for our energy, but lose out on the benefit of getting a valuable resource from our neighbor to the North and further breaking any possible dependency on countries that are hostile to us.

Yeah, sure. Bush was worse than this moron and his circus, and it is his fault this went bad too. And Obama really meant to improve the economy from the start, but he got handed a shit sandwich. It’s not the policies and other decisions, like this one, that are hammering our economy hard. In the mean time we can all cheer up at the fact that our gas & heating oil prices will now go up as this valuable source of energy goes to power China and the Chinese economy. Evil market speculators will all profit from the rise in prices too. We should dump them all these watermelons without any technology in a tropical jungle, preferably one with the highest number of natural predators, and let them fend for themselves. That might give us a little bit of justice for the disservice this movement is doing people. Especially those poor people they pretend to so care about.

Call his f-ing bluff!

After the democrats spent the last months playing politics with the whole payroll tax thing, I am surprised to see republicans got smart and decided to include language to get the oil pipeline from Canada to Texas that would create some 200K+ jobs past the obstructionists at the WH that pretend they care about unemployed people but don’t. As is usual with the Community-Organizer-in-Chief, he has made a bad mistake by threatening to veto the bill if that is in there.

I say call this dumbass’ bluff! Tell Americans that these crooks don’t give a damn about improving the economy or creating jobs, and that what they want is people dependant on government and voting for them. Force him to veto this and then explain why he is putting the money & support from the anti-civilization loons that are part of his base ahead of the economic prosperity of America and Americans. Let him tell tall disaster stories and such, and let the American people realize how idiotic & destructive all these green people really all are.

I should also add that I would not be surprised to someday find out that one of the likely reason that Obama has stalled this economic boon of a deal is that competitors to the pipeline that will see their profits decline, have paid him to block it. Remember that BP – yes, the same BP that had that accident they told us was going to kill all life in the Gulf of Mexico, but which we have heard zero doomsday stories from for ever – was amongst one of Obama’s biggest donors.