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More proof the left is a bunch of economic illiterates.

This past weekend Matt Drudge of the famous Drudge Report website started a firestorm that had all the usual credentialed LSM idiots thinking they had scored a huge hit against a man they have hated for being instrumental in showing the LSM’s hypocritical status as nothing but a DNC propaganda machine. The controversy started with a tweet from Drudge about having paid what he labeled a “Liberty tax” in the case of the Obamacare penalty. … Read more

Bullshit remains bullshit

The NYT has another progtard propaganda piece trying to provide cover for dispicable sucmbags that voted for Obamacare, and their argument is that the poor innocent donkeys are unfairly being targeted by the evil Koch brothers:

WASHINGTON — Democrats are increasingly anxious about an onslaught of television ads hitting vulnerable Senate and House candidates for their support of the new health law, since many lack the resources to fight back in the early stages

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Don’t be surprised: that was the plan from the getgo

Experts are now predicting that as many as 80 million people will lose coverage when the employer mandate of Obamacare goes into effect, and people are freaking out. There is a reason that this WH chose to specifically delay the employer mandate over the individual mandate, despite the fact that the individual mandate has turned into a massive catastrophe. That reason is simple:

Almost 80 million people with employer health plans could find their

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That’s because they are fucking idiots…

USA Today has an article that portends that Obamacare shoppers seem to be shocked by the new cost for insurance they will have to pay. Seriously? Are these progtards this stupid? Did they miss the point where Leviathans takeover was supposed to now somehow cover everyone without insurance right now – anywhere between 30 to 40 million new people, depending on where the numbers come from, including some 11 to 13 million illegals – … Read more

We called it Obamacare because…

Like Obama, the thing was a disaster pretending to be something good. So the fact that the demcorats were stupid enough to pick it up as some badge of honor to me is laughable. I guess they have finally acknowledged that those of us that call it “Obamacare” instead of the Affordable Care Act – a name that is deceptive beyond belief because this thing isn’t about affordability, good or better care, and the act … Read more

It’s not just the registration website that’s crap…

But as the Medicare CIO revealed during a congressional hearing that in a best case scenario we have somewhere around 30-40% of the actual exchange’s software that remains to yet be built! Notice that’s best case, because the first numbers Chao gave pointed at 60-70% still needing to be built before dropping to the lower numbers. From the article:

The revelation came out of questioning of Mr. Chao by Rep. Cory Gardner (R., Colo.).

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More pain for these idiots please!

Man I am loving it! I can’t get enough of their shame and their desperate tears. It’s like nectar of the gods. The more of these PR attempts gone bad they experience, the more joy it gives me. These fucks deserve every single failure they get. It’s the best cure for hubris and narcissism of that level. From the article:

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Seven weeks to the day since the troubled healthcare.gov website was launched,

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Democrats knew they were destroying it…

Looks like one of the architects of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emmanuel, a council to the WH, admitted during a Fox News interview that democrats forced the evil insurance korporashuns to accept their vision of what the future would look like, and thus, rigged the game in such a way that it basically meant an end to the individual insurance market through the ACA. That’s right: the donkeys made sure the insurance industry understood that the individual … Read more

Another piece of the puzzle..

The other day I was talking to someone that was pointing out to me they were worried about this administration’s control over the military and considering the tyrannical and criminal nature of this administration, what it could mean for us all. I dismissed her concerns and told her that these fucks couldn’t command the loyalty of a hungry dog if they were wearing a hotdog suit, and that the military would never side with them … Read more

Reality sucks for nanny staters

More people have applied to go live on Mars than have successfully applied for Obamacare…..

HEH!… Read more

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