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Payback for not voting democrat!

I was wondering when the democrats would fuck over the Cuban community for not voting for Hillary, and they didn’t disappoint or wait long to hand it to them. President Nobel Peace Prize does another solid for tyrants. Of course, those in Havana love and hail the move. Remember that the policy Obama just did away with basically was put in place to help people fleeing a progressive utopia, or for those of us that live in the real world, a prison state. I guess the democrats only like the latinos that come here for the free shit and that vote for them, and this spiteful move by Obama says it all.

All you need to know about jobs is in these graphs

Every time you hear some donkey or the LSM talk about the job creatiod during the second liberal revolution, remember the information in this graph, then put the bullshit they are telling you into perspective. If you want 4 more years of this then by all means reelect the democrats and let them really take the gloves off. Here is a picture of how that’s going to look: