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Preview of 2012 vote

The donkeys better get panicked. Short of one of the typical tricks where they “discover” a trunk full of votes somewhere to let their guy suddenly pull ahead, it looks like the seat formerly heald by Anthony Weiner, he of the wiener picture, will go to the upstart Turner. This is happening in what is usually considered a true blue district, NY-9 that has been a given for the donkeys. Sucks to be them.

The other election of note is happening in Nevada, and it now looks like NV-2, another one of those deep blue districts, will also go red. That’s a double sucks to be a donkey.

Of course, the LSM will still be telling us all how unpopular the Tea Party and those evil conservativs and their crazy idea of small government is with the American people, even as democrat after democrat loses their races. Keep believing their bullshit. Nothing tastes sweeter than the tears of donkey defeat, and boy is it looking like it’s going to be raining tears.