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Another WTF moment – UPDATED.

Last night I watched the reporting about a most unfortunate case where an old lady died because a nurse refused to do CPR, and all I can say is that people need to back off. Everyone is angry at this nurse for doing exactly what she is expected to do. The problem is not with the nurse, but with our litigious society. When lawyers are ready to sue anyone for everything, you can’t blame those most likely to end up as their targets for protecting themselves.

I am certain that the nurse followed the policies established by the facility she worked at. And said facility decided to implement those policies to basically avoid the legal risk it would expose them to. I know someone that was sued by a scumbag, after he saved said scumbag’s life, simply because that scumbag wanted money and a lawyer showed up and told him he could get it. I have been loath myself of providing any kind of aid specifically because of these kinds of bottom feeders.

Look, we can’t have it both ways. If we want people to help, we have to get rid of the system that rewards those that turn on those people willing or qualified to help. It is one thing to seek redress for clear medical malpractice, and it is another thing completely to seek financial gain from any tragedy. I am sure the ambulance chasers will find a way to milk even this situation where the nurse followed the rules and did what was expected of her. Especially with the authorities now also involved.

I am not an evil bastard. I feel sorry for the lady that passed away. But I also feel for the nurse that had her hands tied behind her back and did the right thing. I am sure that had she violated the rules of her employer she would be out on the street, a lawsuit on her hand regardless of if she had saved the old lady’s life or not, with most people not caring about her faith. This is truly a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

UPDATE: I heard today on the news that the family of old lady that died was absolutely happy with the nurse’s response, because they said that the old lady had not wanted to be revived. I admit I am surprised they are not looking for a payday considering the furor this has created. More power to them. Not a chance this nurse gets off without having her life ruined by someone in or tied to government however.