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Are We At War?

Sure seems like it:

Following a (perhaps not-so-mysterious) explosion on a military base last month that took with it the life of Gen. Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam–one of the Iranian missile program’s most distinguished OGs–comes news of a second explosion in Isfahan this past Monday, which according to sources “struck the uranium enrichment facility there, despite denials by Tehran.”

Two explosions might just be the result of combining nuclear weapons with idiocy. But when you add in the Stuxnet attack, the mysterious deaths of several Iranian nuclear physicists … well, it certainly seems like someone is up to something. Whether that someone is Israeli or American or both is a very good question.

This is kind of the way I’d prefer to deal with Iran’s nuclear program. Negotiation is not going to work: no Iranian government will tolerate being a non-nuclear power while India, Pakistan, Israel, Russia and the US have arsenals. Sanctions help, especially now that Russia is on board. But you can’t really stop science; all you can do is slow it down. And a military attack would massively improve the Iranian government’s support from their own people and have only a modest effect.

A cold war is the way to go. Killing scientists might go too far, but sabotage is perfectly fine. It buys time for the regime to fall. And they are getting nervous, as their little attack on the UK embassy demonstrates.