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How to read the Chinese about their Nork protest?

When China joins the US & Japan to protest a Nork nuke test, one has to pay attention.

(Reuters) – North Korea conducted its third nuclear test on Tuesday in defiance of existing U.N. resolutions, drawing condemnation from around the world, including from its only major ally, China, which summoned the North Korean ambassador to protest.

The reclusive North said the test was an act of self-defense against “U.S. hostility” and threatened further, stronger steps if necessary.

It said the test had “greater explosive force” than the 2006 and 2009 tests. Its KCNA news agency said it had used a “miniaturized” and lighter nuclear device, indicating that it had again used plutonium which is more suitable for use as a missile warhead.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the third of his line to rule the country, has presided over two long-range rocket launches and a nuclear test during his first year in power, pursuing policies that have propelled his impoverished and malnourished country closer to becoming a nuclear weapons power.

China, which has shown signs of increasing exasperation with the recent bellicose tone of its neighbor, summoned the North Korean ambassador in Beijing and protested sternly, the Foreign Ministry said.

The question for me is to find out if China really is pissed at the Norks for this and is actually letting little Kim know that, or if this is more of the same shit we have had for decades where they talk out of both sides of their mouth. I know China fears a Nork collapse because the refugee stream would be crippling for them. Still do not know if the Chinese fear a unified Korea so much that if they could make the South have to pay for a reunified Korea it would still not be worth it, especially in light of how quickly a unified Germany bounced back, or not. My guess is this is more of the same old stuff where they say one thing but in the end back the crtazy Norks, because it harms the US and all the other Asian nations China sees in their way to their devinely given supremacy.

Time will tell. And I wonder how Obama will deal with this revelation during the SOTU. Heh, it will just be ignored and instead it will all be promises of more free shit someone else will pay for, and this time he will really mean it about the jobs market stuff.

The Norks Blink

Maybe Littler Kim isn’t quite as insane as Lil’ Kim:

North Korea has agreed to halt nuclear tests, long-range missile launches and enrichment activities at its Yongbyon nuclear complex in exchange for food aid from the United States, the State Department said Wednesday.
The state-run North Korean news agency, KCNA, announced the agreement separately.

This is the first positive sign we’ve had out of North Korea … ever? No, since just the last time Lil’ Kim played this game. But this may indicate that Kim Jong Un is not quite batshit insane enough to favor nuclear weapons over starving citizens.

I have no idea how this will play out. But let’s keep our fingers crossed.