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Futile Gesture

Feeding the beast, the ever ravenous appetite of government spending waste has been the largest impediment to fiscal solvency. The mantra of this administration, couched in deceptive terms like ,”Paying their fair share”, has always been income equality. But raising taxes only leads to more spending, which leads to even more calls for raising taxes, all the while the junkie gets more smack, and the drug problem goes unanswered.

Some liberal do gooder (at least he thinks he is doing good) has decided to do his part in reducing the deficit:

That’s the one thing liberals are the most proud of, their compassion and their good will towards others. Of course, if your dead, no one can pat you on the back and sing your praises.

Factoring in that the government spends $49K every second , this grand gesture will front drug money for about 27 seconds, now that is a quick fix.

But there is the addition one million bucks he is leaving the government, I’m sure his kids are just thrilled about this selfless act, what did they do to piss him off?

Currently the federal estate tax (for the rest of us not patriotic enough to give everything to the government) is 35% over the allowed exemption, but as of 2013 it goes up to 55% with an additional 5% surtax for estates over a certain amount. If the rest of us can hold out for just 2 more years, Uncle Sam gets a bigger slice of the pie, and no doubt that money will be put to good use.

If only more rich liberals had this type of patriotism.