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Will Have Sex With A Pan For Money

Some whinny millennial is making the news of late, displaying her tale of woe on the internet for the purpose of begging for money. Not real original but when you can wave the LGBT flag around, suckers and their money are soon to follow, throw in a little sexual bigotry and ring the cash register;

A lesbian college student has launched a fundraising campaign to pay for her tuition after her parents learned she was gay and cut her off.
Kate Koenig, 19, said her ‘homophobic’ parents refused to pay for her classes at the University of Pittsburgh after her father opened her mail last year and learned about her sexuality.
Determined not to let their decision affect her education, Koenig is now hoping to raise $15,000 to cover her tuition, living expenses and her medication for asthma and allergies on GoFundMe.
Koenig, who said her parents also took issue with her female-to-male transgender boyfriend, explained that her extended family are also homophobic, meaning she has no one she can turn to.

I could not care less what sex or species she prefers canoodling with, if Orange Is The New Black has taught me anything, it’s that girls that age like to experiment, what floats your boat then may not now.

I know it’s not fair, but with so many sob stories emanating from lesbians, I don’t believe her for a minute that mommy and daddy cut her off because she don’t like dick. Dayna Morales immediately came to mind. Hitting folks up for money while feigning discrimination is not new.

I don’t even care that she is begging, asking for money, some sympathetic mope might contribute, it’s not like stealing, you know where your money is going. And it sure beats selling your virginity over the internet like we have seen before. I don’t like that she dragged her parents into her little subterfuge, it makes for a better story but they deserve better considering they already popped for her first year of college. I don’t think she is a total deadbeat since she did have a job, but no one is entitled to a job and no one is certainly entitled to 4 years of college gratis.

As some one who was living on his on at 17 and had to fend for himself with no lifeline or parental income for stability, I know by what she speaks (no internet back then so this scam was unavailable to me). If she can go through life financed by the kindness of strangers, good on her, but she will be better served getting a job, any job, and going to JC until she can pay for her education herself. Or more student loans, Obama will save her in the end.

Oh, and I had to look up what a pansexual was, kids nowadays.