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The January Surprise

For those wondering ,”Where is Herman?” I guess he is out of the dog house with his wife (his charge cards are maxed out at Tiffany’s, even with the Newt discount), so he has now decided to make himself relevant again.

For those that watched the video, did Herman goose that lady in the red top? Old habits die hard. But more importantly , is there any significance to be gleaned from the fact … Read more

Obligatory Newt Debate Post

I have already seen many, many people, mostly on the left, in the media, but not limited to them only, complain about how unfair they find it that people reacted positively to Newt Gingrich slapping down the CNN reporter that started last nights Carolina Republican debate with the question about an interview done with Newt’s disgruntled ex-wife that was done by ABC, very likely to be aired post Carolina primary to function as a hit … Read more

Perry Out, Marianne In

Things got interesting for Camp Newt today. He is apparently surging in the South Carolina polls. Rick Perry dropped out and endorsed him. And, as Rich noted below, wife Number 2 is set to give a TV interview dishing on all his personal scumbaggery. I’ll let Rich’s post address the Marianne Ginrich thing, but I thought I’d post a quick thought on Perry.

This is not unexpected and I think his withdrawal speech was actually … Read more

The Ex Wife Gets Her Shot

I had no idea there was so many chubby chasers, and that Newt was such a stud with the ladies:

Newt Gingrich’s second ex-wife says the former House Speaker lacks the ‘moral character’ to be President.
In an interview with ABC’s Brian Ross that was recorded last week and which will air in its entireity on television Thursday evening, Marianne Gingrich claims her husband asked her for an “open marriage.”
“I said to

Read more

An Active Newt

This is one of many reasons why I don’t think Newt Gingrich should be President:

Newt Gingrich says as president he would ignore Supreme Court decisions that conflicted with his powers as commander in chief, and he would press for impeaching judges or even abolishing certain courts if he disagreed with their rulings.

“I’m fed up with elitist judges” who seek to impose their “radically un-American” views, Gingrich said Saturday in a conference call with

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Paul? Maybe

If you thought the Republican establishment was having kittens over the possibility of Gingrich winning Iowa, they are *really* having kittens over Ron Paul potentially winning Iowa. Despite his closeness in the polls, every commentary I’ve seen recently has been of the “he has zero chance” variety, even to the point where Chris Wallace has said that if Paul wins Iowa, it won’t count. David Frum unleashed a hard-hitting and factually questionable critique. Rush … Read more

A Made-Up People

The Saturday Night Debate was a little more interesting than the previous debates have been. It was mostly between Gingrich and Romney. But while Romney easily punched out Bachmann, Cain and Perry, Gingrich got in some roundhouses of his own. Those of us who remember Gingrich’s vitriol from the 90’s (I grew up next to his district and have met him) were not surprised. He can be vicious, which is why he wore out his … Read more

Some Choice

Oh boy, Mitt or Newt, just shoot me now.

The most important election in our lifetime, at least that is what everyone is saying, is turning into the most dreaded, ambivalent, narcoleptic election in our history.
As it stands now, barring some miracle where the party described as too dumb to live comes to it’s senses and drafts someone capable of turning the bus around, we get a choice between a shit sandwich and a … Read more

Backing Off the War

Our War on Drugs is getting stupider and more corrupting by the minute. But … there may be some people out there who are not so dumb.

Flanked by former prisoners being trained at a food kitchen in Camden, [New Jersey Governor Chris] Christie called for expanding the state’s Drug Court Program — which offers non-violent drug addicts treatment and counseling rather than prison sentences — by making it mandatory for certain offenders.


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Turkeys and Drumsticks 2011

For four years running, I have taken advantage of the Thanksgiving Holiday to give out my awards for Turkey of the Year and Golden Drumsticks. The latter are for those who exemplify the best traits in our public sphere. The former are for those who exemplify silliness and stupidity. I rarely give them out to someone who is evil; they are reserved for those who regularly makes me shake my head and wonder what they’re … Read more

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