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Morgan Out

In case you missed it, Piers Morgan’s CNN show, plagued by plunging ratings, is being cancelled. The NYT has a hilarious take on it which amount to Piers being too awesome for us to appreciate him. I’ve only seen his show through clips on various websites but he always crossed me as condescending and of the opinion that this country would be much better off if we just did things like they do back in Britain.

I find myself having precisely zero sympathy for Morgan. Morgan has a long history of scumbaggery including publishing fake photos of British soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners, being involved in the phone hacking scandal up to his elbows and refusing to apologize for either. The latter included, by the way, hacking into Milly Dowler’s phone, an action which made her parents think the murdered teen was still alive. In fact, I’m suspicious that this firing is related to the phone-hacking scandal, for which Morgan is still being investigated.

That CNN gave this guy a prime-time show was a sign of desperation. But it’s gotten to the point where people won’t even watch to hate him.