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New Hampshire

As expected, Mitt Romney won New Hampshire tonight, with Paul in second and Huntsman a strong third. This is rapidly narrowing down. I don’t expect anyone to drop out before South Carolina, but Perry is looking increasingly toasted to me. Santorum’s momentum is fading. And Gingrich might win South Carolina but that’s about it. This is slowly becoming a one-man race, with Paul as the protest vote.

What was really telling to me was that turnout was down from 2008. You would expect that a Party disgusted with Obama would be more enthusiastic than the Party that was reeling from Bush. But I don’t think any of the candidates really excite them. Paul is only one who generates real excitement among his supporters, but they are a small slice of the GOP. Lots of GOP voters are still saying, “That’s all ya got? What, is Chris Christie’s cell phone busted?”