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Europe’s most liberal nation kills multiculturalism?

Well, that’s almost what it looks like that a new citizen integration bill (cover letter and pdf accompanying bill) presented to the Dutch parliament on June 16 by Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner seems to say. Here are some excerpts:

The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role. With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society.”

“A more obligatory integration is justified because the government also demands that from its own citizens. It is necessary because otherwise the society gradually grows apart and eventually no one feels at home anymore in the Netherlands. The integration will not be tailored to different groups.”

The new integration policy will place more demands on immigrants. For example, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language, and the government will take a tougher approach to immigrants to ignore Dutch values or disobey Dutch law.

Bold was done by me to stress the obvious first part. The second part was supposedly already Dutch law, it was just not enforced. Does this mean that the elites running the Netherlands finally have picked up the discontent with the immigrants that refuse to not only integrate, but actually flaunt that lack of integration and actively denigrate Dutch society, that permeates their populous, and are acting upon it? We’ll see.

It’s going to be interesting, because the discontent and failure is primarily targeted at guess who?

The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants because, according to Donner, “it is not the government’s job to integrate immigrants.” The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress. More specifically, the government will impose a ban on face-covering Islamic burqas as of January 1, 2013.

It looks like the Dutch have had enough of the problems with this group which not only refuses integration but which openly professes hostility towards their host country. And I think I should mention that this proposal was submitted on the day before the acquittal of Geert Wilders, whom had been dragged into court for pointing out that Dutch liberalism and Islam where simply incompatible. This is a serious turnabout in Europe. One we should follow and pay close attention to. It’s no surprise to me that the LSM has not covered either story much here in the US.

Church joins the Dutch movement to legalize pedophilia

The Netherlands is supposedly experiencing a big “scandal” – and I say that in quotations because frankly, and contrary to the AP’s bullshit quote that the pedophile movement is reviled, it isn’t at all, because if were, like happens to anything “reviled” in every European country, they would have outlawed any kind of behavior they disapprove off – it now looks like even some members the church there are saying it’s much ado about nothing, and that it’s often A-OK.

AMSTERDAM (AP) – The Dutch Catholic Church and the Salesian order are investigating revelations that a Salesian priest served on the board of a group that promotes pedophilia with the full knowledge of his boss. The order’s top official in the Netherlands, Delegate Herman Spronck, confirmed in a statement that the priest – identified by RTL Nieuws as 73-year-old “Father Van B.” – served on the board of “Martijn,” a group that campaigns to end the Dutch ban on adult-child sex. The group is widely reviled but not outlawed.

“Of course we reject this and distance ourselves from this personal initiative” on the part of the priest, Spronck said in a statement. “Membership in such organizations does not fit with the ethos of the Salesian order.” However, Spronck’s own superior in Belgium said he will investigate both Spronck and Van B., after both men were quoted by RTL Nieuws as saying such relationships aren’t always harmful. Superior Jos Claes told Belgian television on Saturday he “couldn’t imagine” that both men would not be disciplined, but said he must make sure of the facts first. “Society thinks these relationships are harmful. I disagree,” RTL quoted Van B. as saying. He served on Martijn’s board from 2008 until 2010, when its founder was arrested for alleged possession of child pornography, a case that is ongoing.

Europe, and especially the Netherlands, has a lot of people that agree with this priest’s view that quite often this stuff is just fine. Soon it will be fine all the time. A decade or so down the line it will be normalized. That slippery slope argument that gets dismissed so eagerly by everyone that thinks their fight to normalize whatever kind of behavior most feel is fringe but they don’t, gets harder and harder to ignore with revelations like this. There are consequences such drastic societal changes, no matter how well intended, and they always end up being things that open the door to more harmful changes. Then again, the Dutch are also at the forefront of the movement to just outright euthanize those expensive older people, so maybe these things will all end up canceling each other out.