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Harry Who?

Just got back from taking my kid to the last (thank God) Harry Potter movie, in 3D of course. It’s been so long since when the book came out (who was president then, Carter?) to the movie finale. All and all, not bad, long, but not bad. If anybody has seen the movie and care to share some thoughts, either on this movie or on any of the series. Other topics of interest, is 3D here to stay? It’s a bit disconcerting because, although for some movies the payoff in visuals is clear, but am I going to have to pony up 15 bucks now every time I want to go to the movies? I like the fact that most 3D movies are still offered in traditional 2D, but how long is that going to last if movie studios can make more dough going high tech?

I realize that there is nothing I can do about it but it bugs me how technology in general has such a short shelf life. I use to buy lots of DVD’s, appreciating the ability to pop in whatever movie I wanted at that particular moment. Then streaming came along, nice feature but resolution was a problem. Then bluray, I love bluray, the visuals are so stunning that I embraced it overnight. Between having a kickass plasma big screen, a bluray player, and a satellite provider that offers a shit load of high def channels, I’m a happy man, but I don’t buy DVD’s anymore, and I expect that within a year or so I will need to spring for a 3D TV, not happy about that. Every time I go to Costco, I go over to that 3D TV display they have where you can sample the picture, they have girls beach volleyball on a loop, who can get enough of that?

There was an old Quest Communications commercial a few years back where this cowboy moseys in to this run down diner and on the table was one of those old juke box machines where you could play songs, and the waitress tells him that every song in history ever recorded, by any artist, ever, is on that juke box. This is what I expect in the very near future, where Netflix will offer every movie ever made, in any format you like, uploaded in bandwidth pipes the size of school buses, instantaneously provided at the click of a mouse. Where every book ever written in history can be seamlessly downloaded to my Kindle for a few bucks a pop. We are very close.