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French Racing Hoops

A lot of stuff is going on right now in the world of sports, got something to say about it?

First up, auto racing. I’m not a big fan of NASCAR or Indy car racing, but this weekend, I should have been.

In Charlotte Dale Earnhart Jr. would have given his left (pick your body part) for a half gallon of gas:

At Indy a rookie made a rookie mistake, and just like Dale, where he had the finish line in sight, disaster struck:

Hildebrand, a Bay Area boy, hits the wall at the very last turn:

So Hildebrand, driving flat out, decided to pass Charlie Kimball, in a slower car, on the high side at the fourth turn at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Hildebrand hit the “marbles,” bits of tires that settled near the walls, skidded on his worn tires and thudded into the wall with a flash of fire.

A gasp rose from a crowd estimated at 300,000. Hildebrand, the right side of his car mangled, made it to the finish line — but not before Wheldon, a 32-year-old Briton, passed him to win the Indy 500, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year.

The NBA finals start tomorrow. Experience won over youth in the conference finals. The Bulls and Thunder might be the teams of the future but for now both got exposed for lack of depth and for being woefully unprepared for the big stage. James did promise 5 or 6 titles for Heat, and Dirk (who will do down as the best shooting big man in history) went a long way towards dispelling the theory that he was soft and lacked intensity. I’m rooting for Dallas even though I think Cuban is a putz, and hope it goes 7.


Some interesting goings on at the French Open. Most of the big names went out early on the women’s side (Caroline has got to get herself a real coach, this dad/coach stuff can only take you so far, Richard Williams notwithstanding), but I’m in the, “anybody but Schiavone ” camp, some body check her for PED’s, and make sure you watch it go from penis to cup. Nadal has Soderling next, watch out. Federer will take out Monfils in 3 quick sets, and Novak had a walk over, so he will be tanned, rested and ready. For that “immovable object vs. unstoppable force” scenario to play out, we want Nadal and Djokovic in the final.

I believe we also have something about a Stanley Cup being contested, but I’m a little fuzzy on the details.

Anyone Want To Talk Hoops?

This may not go anywhere, me being a new writer here, but one of the goals I had in mind when I signed off on this was to write about stuff beyond the usual slog of politics, more social topics, human events, and naturally, sports. So here’s your chance sports fans. I can cover pretty much anything you guys are interested in involving a ball and a modicum of physical exertion, hoops, pigskin, Olympics, collegiate stuff, all good.  And if anyone has even the least bit of interest in tennis, that will give me a chubby.

Last night I witnessed pretty much the end of an era. It started with the two teams that have owned the Western Conference for the last 10 years going down like granny getting hit by a skateboarder. It was almost sad to see the geriatrics of San Antonio and LA attempting to relive their glory days, but age has caught up with them. I have been a Laker fan since the days of Jerry West and Gail Goodrich. I lived in LA during the glory years of Magic, Kareem, Coop, and Worthy. Because of my avocation I got access to The Forum and got to schmooze with the big guys. To witness the ignominy in which this illustrious team self destructed this year, terminating in a near riot after the cheap shot thuggery of Bynum trying to take out JJ Barea, very sad and not exactly the way that the best coach in the history of the game wanted to exit. The Lakers need to get blown up in the off season.


Last night I was hoping that Memphis could pull it out. Much like everyone being Saints fans after Katrina, the devastation that has hit Memphis regarding the flooding is heart breaking. As an aside, I am a big fan of the Red Cross, any donations given to them can be specifically targeted to the Memphis area or flood assistance, FYI.


The Thunder have a nice young team with probably the two most exiting young players in the NBA, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. They have had a nice run but Dallas is peaking at the right time (in the NBA, it’s about two things, who is healthy and who is peaking) and Dallas right now is the better team. I think Mark Cuban is a douche but he will get his shot.


On to the east, anybody watch that Celtic/Heat game last night? Lebron took a lot of Heat (intentional pun) for the manner in which he left Cleveland, “bringing his talents to South Beach”. Nobody outside of SoBe cared much for the Heat, the initial derision they brought upon themselves was palatable, and to be honest, even I did not think (this year) that they could bet by the Celtics, but there you are, that “peaking” thing. And right now they probably are the prohibitive favorite to take the title (yeah, yeah, what about the Bulls, more on them in a minute), and please, I do not want to hear how we are witnessing the greatest threesome in NBA history, win a title first, then we can brooch that subject.


So, how good are the Bulls, really” Yes, it is nice to have this years MVP and coach of the year on the same team. Derek Rose (still gimpy?) is The Man, no question, but as Micheal Jordan found out in his first 6 seasons, you can’t do it alone. I’ll admit that I have not seen the Bulls play much this year. Yes, they should get past Atlanta, but it is very difficult when a relatively young Player like Rose has so much foisted upon him. They will need for some other players to step up, I’m looking at you Boozer, Noah, and Korver.


Anybody have teams they are interested in or have thoughts on what’s going on now?