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Loose Lips

About 2 weeks ago I read a scathing article in the WSJ, penned by a recently retired former ST6 Navy Seal, who was more then critical of the Obama administration and his megaphone style handling of ST6 and their recent exploits. As background he admitted that he was retired before the OBL cacking, he had been on a number of similar high profile missions. The gist of the article was that Obama, his staff, and the Joint Chiefs should STFU about missions like this, because their peacocking not only makes future ST6 missions harder, it gets people killed.

It should not surprise anyone the level and commitment these guys put in to training and tactics, and it also is no secret that the bad guys around the world pay attention to shit like this. If they can glean any info at all on ST tactics, they are all ears. Well, that is just what all these back slapping articles do, give away secrets that should not be publicly disseminated. The point that I was not aware of was that every civilian Afghani that helped us get OBL, that gave us intel of facilitated the mission, all of them to a man has been arrested for treason and will be tried as such in an Afghan court. What a good way to make friends, help us and you can bet that we will blab away, give you up, and you will either get a bullet in the brain, or a prison cell for life, but help us anyway.

This morning I read about even more criticisms from those that are qualified to give it:

A retired general today assailed the commander of the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden for drawing too much media attention to operations that he argued should be kept under wraps.
Special Operations Commander Adm. Bill McRaven was confronted by retired Lt. Gen. James Vaught, who said he didn’t understand why the recent raids by the Navy SEALs, such as the one to kill Osama bin Laden or to rescue U.S. hostage Jessica Buchanan, were all over the media.
“Since the time when your wonderful team went and drug bin Laden out and got rid of him, and more recently when you went down and rescued the group in Somalia, or wherever the hell they were, they’ve been splashing all of this all over the media,” Vaught, 85, said. “I flat don’t understand that.
“Now back when my special operators extracted Saddam [Hussein] from the hole, we didn’t say one damn word about it,” he continued. “We turned him over to the local commander and told him to claim that his forces drug him out of the hole, and he did so. And we just faded away and kept our mouth shut.

Here’s a question, I would have to think that the higher echelon military muckity mucks know better, this is not their first rodeo, they understand the concept of loose lips and all that, but is it possible (probable) that Obama and his crew are putting undue pressure on the military to over publicize these endeavors?

I don’t think there is any doubt that your basic Democrat is no friend to the military. Defense is the first on their chopping block, their attitudes are usually anti conflict/more diplomacy (even when diplomacy hasn’t or can’t work), they don’t get the “peace through strength” corollary that Reagan spoke of, and think American power projection as always caused more problems then it has solved. Obama himself has been no real friend of the military either. Sure, he has stepped up drone attacks, but don’t you think this has more to do with his “comfy chair” style approach to interrogation? Any captured terrorists opens up that whole EIT/Gitmo argument that he wants no part of. But I’m thinking that all those smart suits in the WH know that Obama will get his head caved in running on his domestic record, the main feather in his cap is the OBL hit, so maybe the military (totally against their better judgment) has been ordered to play this up big time, keep it fresh in the minds of the voters.

I think it is nuts for any military man to talk to the press, look what happened to Stanley McChrystal.

UBL finaly sent to hell.

It now looks like a team of US NAVY Seals shot and killed UBL in an operation Sunday evening May 1st, 2011. Coincidentally, May 1st is also the day Hitler was declared dead, so maybe there is some freaky karmic justice thing going on here. The team apparently tried to catch him alive, but he wouldn’t have any of that, so he was shot in the head. Seems someone there – not sure if it was UBL or one of the other bastards there with him – used a woman that was there as a human shield, and she got killed as well. Kudos to our military, and our president for finally bagging this bastard. Now for the not so fun stuff.

It seems UBL was living high and mighty in Pakistan, not in caves as people kept telling us, and was shot and killed in a compound owned by his couriers in the city of Abbottabad, not more than 35 miles outside of the Pakistani capital. Pakistan is going to have some serious “splaining” to do, because as the article points out, this compound was right next to military and law enforcement facilities. A key bit of information is that the US did not inform the Pakistanis about this operation, and that’s likely why UBL wasn’t warned and able to get away this time. As many suspected, these bastards were protecting this monster, and we should find out whom amongst them did this and make them pay for that.

BTW, the information on those couriers and the compound? Guess who spilled that and when? Yeah, it was KSM, and the names came from those harsh interrogations that people equate to torture. Even if the MSM can’t come clean and admit them’s the facts. Are they going to say that torture worked in this case? I don’t really care what they say honestly, I knew these people were simply talking out of their ass, and didn’t know better, but this guy was broken and gave valuable information. That’s what counts.

Anyway, UBL’s fans are pissed. I am pissed too. It seems we bent over backwards to follow Islamic protocol for this bastard. He was buried in under 24 hours, at least they did that at sea and even though it was at sea and thus deprives the mass murderers of a shrine, I think we should have made an example of this asshole, wrapped him in pig skin, loaded him with alcohol, and then burned his stinking corpse under a banner wishing him straight passage to hell. We will be hated on for killing his ass anyway. Why not set an example for all the Jihadis that we will make sure they don’t get heaven or those virgins? They certainly don’t show our side that courtesy, and they seem to have big plans regardless of the outcome. No, this isn’t about us being better than them: it is war and we need to break their will to keep on fighting.

Now for the fun conspiracy crap. At least we plan to confirm we got him and not a double with DNA tests. I am sure the UBL worshiping world will now start claiming that UBL wasn’t killed but actually is a prisoner of the evil American imperialist military. Information like this might fuel that myth. Maybe under a different president. The current one wouldn’t go along with that short of someone telling him that he could then use UBL to win the next election, and I doubt anyone did that. They will also want to know whom in Pakistan betrayed UBL. No, Obama just wants this guy killed so he can say he is gone. I am sure the dream team in the WH with UBL dead, will now start talking about pulling out of Afghanistan while pretending the hornets nest in that area is now pacified. Hopefully the saner minds prevail and we stay there.

There are some people there that need to be wiped out if we want to break this enemy. And they are already saying they want to retaliate. The WH seems to take the threats seriously. Frankly speaking, if the Jihadis are stupid enough to do some of this shit, I think they are going to be in for a rude surprise. Obama strikes me as the kind of guy that when pushed over the limit will lash out disproportionately. All that professed love for the Jihadis and their death cult might go up in a nuclear flash or two if the Jihadis do use WMDs. Or he might do nothing. Who knows? Community organizers aren’t very predictable. More to come. as this all plays out. I am sure there will be some morons on the left that will make us all wonder if they are insane when they speak up about this all.