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Gaia hates on teh brown peoplez!

At least that’s what I expect what I expect the cultists will soon claim about the devastation in the Philippines caused by a typhoon. And you know that tragedy is gonna be abused. The island chain was devastated. This typhoon was a beast. Lets focus on that: not how to milk it to spread UN sponsored misery to oppress the free.

Another one bites the dust…

The media has been insane this past season because none of the scores of climate related natural disasters – the hurricanes and typhoons – they predicted for this season happened. The Atlantic has been beyond boringly inactive, to the point that they couldn’t even get a tropical storm to come our way. They had a tropical storm back in the Gulf of Mexico and another in the Pacific that they hyped like mad – it will turn into a CAT4 hurricane and it will level the entire country! type of nonsense hype – only to see them do about as much damage as your average frat party causes over the weekend. Then this past weekend they finally thought they had a doozy, a massive typhoon that was going to level India. News about it everywhere. The subcontinent was going to be ass raped by angry Gaia. Finally. Today, the news people clearly sounds sad that it didn’t cause massive death and destruction so they could gloat over the corpses. Maybe a bad winter will give you hyenas the body count and destruction you want. It’s not like you care about what logical fallacy you need to engage in to sell your rape porn.


The Frankenstorm is due to pass over us with the eye about 15 miles from my house sometime in the next 24 hours. I expect to lose power but we’re on high ground and staying home and the storm will have vented much of its fury on New Jersey, so we shouldn’t be in any real danger. (Thank God we have New Jersey to shield us from this stuff.)

Use this thread to post any updates or thoughts. It’s looking very bad but not catastrophic at this point. I just wish the networks would stop the hazing ritual of putting reporters on the beach for this stuff. It’s ridiculous.

Political implications are minimal. Nate Silver has some discussion here. We might see some weird polling numbers (although Gallup is suspending polling until the crisis has passed). I don’t think this will impact the Presidential race unless Obama badly mismanages it. And that appears unlikely since Chris Christie is doing a lot of the heavy lifting and, by all accounts, doing a fantastic job. If you’re in New Jersey and still have power, his Twitter feed is island of calm reassurance.

Anyone else in the path of this, stay safe. And see you on the flip side.