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Indepentant – mainstream media reporter’s take on Obama selling job plan

Obama’s pandering to people to pass Stimulus Part Deux the same as Jesus talking to disciples! This is what comes from a member of what I am told by those that claim to know better than me what qualifies one as a member of the independent/mainstream circle, and it beats any possible parody you can dream up with. If this nonsense is what it takes to be mainstream or independent, I can honestly say that I am proud to be amongst the radicals. No surprise it comes from NPR, that oh so centrist and mainstream, “press” organization.

So NPR was lying

When they said they would do just fine without tax payer dollars. Why do I say that? Well, it looks NPR is using tax payer dollars to hire lobbyists to get lobby congress for more tax payer dollars. For an organization that got all huffy that the peasants were pointing out tax payer subsidy of a partisan propaganda outlet like NPR and claimed they would do better without those tax payer subsidies, it sure looks like they are fighting hard to keep them in place now:

National Public Radio (NPR) is paying the lobbying firm Bracy, Tucker, Brown & Valanzano to defend its taxpayer funding stream in Congress, according to lobbying disclosure forms filed with the Secretary of the Senate. The taxpayer-funded radio network hired the firm in the second quarter of 2011 to work on issues regarding “funding for NPR and affiliate stations.”

It will remain unclear how much NPR is paying for these lobbying services until second quarter lobbying forms are filed. But before NPR hired the firm to represent it on funding issues, the network spent $131,666 in 2011’s first quarter on an in-house lobbyist.

NPR’s hiring of the lobbying firm comes in the wake of a public debate over whether the network should continue to receive taxpayer funds. Shortly after NPR was subjected to public humiliation due to the release of conservative Project Veritas’s sting videos, House Republicans voted to take away the network’s taxpayer funding in March. (The Senate, however, never passed a similar measure to defund NPR.)

In the Project Veritas videos, now-former NPR nonprofit foundation President Ron Schiller told people who he thought were representatives from a Muslim Brotherhood front group looking to donate $5 million to the network that NPR would be “better off” in the long term without taxpayer subsidies. He also attacked the Tea Party as racist and suggested that Jews control America’s newspapers.

Heh. Guess they weren’t completely honest there, huh? You don’t spend money lobbying congress – especially when the argument can be made you are using tax payer funding to get more tax payer subsidies, which you then will use to screw over the tax payers by supporting a party and an agenda that is usually seriously hostile to tax payers – if you think the tax payer subsidization isn’t a benefit.

What NPR was likely trying was to dismiss their critics, by pretending they didn’t need the loot congress was giving them, because they dammed well knew they could not seriously make the case they aren’t a bunch of partisan propaganda hacks, which would seriously impugn the whole idea of having the tax payer subsidize their propaganda. Hope they fall flat on their face. Congress shouldn’t be giving my confiscated income to people that then use that to promote an agenda that’s so vehemently hostile to me and the fact that I don’t want to live off of government handouts.