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Hey Mr DJ: Power Mad Rangers Edition

If you’re like me, you’re disgusted by the behavior of the National Park Service using the so-called shutdown as a pretext to clamp down authoritarian-style on hapless veterans and sightseers like so much Mr. Ranger to Yogi Bear.

Many in the elected branches and federal bureaucracy have covered themselves with shame by deliberately withholding services to persuade the public to oppose one political party, but none have been as brazen or axe-crazy as NPS. I fully expect there to be inquiries…but I’m sure nothing will come of it.

This week, stick it right up Smokey’s ass with music referencing outlaw recreation, monuments, landmarks, parks, canyons, forests, and assorted natural wonders. They haven’t figured out how to stop us from doing that yet.

As for last week’s childish displays of power…

Mississippi Yankee: Something a bit newer, but I think you’ll like it. From This Valley by The Civil Wars.

WVR: Holidays in the Sun by Sex Pistols. Perfect mix of vacationing and authoritarianism.

Alex: The Big Country by Talking Heads

InsipiD: Says it all. War on Holiday by The Black Angels.

pfluffy: My thoughts have been with you throughout this ordeal. A custom special for you. Enemies in High Places by The Icarus Line.

CM: Picnic by the Motorway by London Suede. Just make sure you’re not within view of Mt. Rushmore if you do it.

Iconoclast: Roundabout by Yes. Progressive Rock is as progressive as we get on here.

Santino: From A Motel 6 by Yo La Tengo. Got to love cheap, seedy motels.