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Fiscal Cliff I: The Search for More Money

As Thrill noted, the so-called fiscal cliff was semi-averted last night. I didn’t pay too close attention to the debate since the basics of the deal had been hashed out days before. All we had last night was political theater. It’s true that 2/3 of the Republican House voted against it. But they allowed it to come to a vote and most voted after they were sure it would pass as an ass-covering maneuver. I’m … Read more

Jiggling Assets

Being president might not be such a bad gig after all:

No, I don’t know why those two Subterranean Growth Czars were wearing Union Jack bras, better I guess then Mohammad sand color, don’t wan’t any more riots breaking out over a stupid video.

It also makes you wonder how Hillary is possibly going to hold up for 2016. As bad as she is looking now, she needs a vacation and some serious body work.… Read more