Tag: National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Lose-Lose-Win at the NAACP

So, let me get this straight. If Mitt Romney refused to address the NAACP, it would be because he is a racist who doesn’t care about black people. And, apparently, if he does address the NAACP, he’s still a racist who doesn’t care about black people.

Look, I thought Mitt’s speech was a bit clumsy and not well-tailored to his audience (although his reception was a lot more cordial than the video clips let on). But I have been saying for years that the GOP should be making more of an effort effort to get black votes. It will not pay off now; it may not pay off for a couple of decades. But you have to try. And you don’t try by changing your message and pandering. You try by explaining to black people why a conservative agenda is in their interests. There’s no law of nature that say that black people have to vote Democrat.

So good on Mitt for going. I don’t think, contra everyone in the punditsphere, that he went there to get booed so he could rally the racist troops. As I have said about seven million times, this is going to come down to the economy. No one is going to vote for or against Mitt Romney because he was booed by the NAACP. I think his was an honest attempt to break some ice.