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November is about JFK, but the Progs have it al wrong.

Every November the progs go all batshit over JFK. All the usual conspiracy theories and fantasies about how things were or would have been get dragged out, and we get clubbed over the head with them. The left has worked hard to create the illusion that JFK was a far greater president and man than history bears out. Mythological heroes serve the cause well, and to me at least, JFK is the prototypical mythological hero.

If you hear the left talking about JFK these days, it was like Jesus was killed all over again. Not only do they want you to believe that had he lived that he would have recreated heaven on earth, but that his legacy are the things being done by people like Obama. Nothing can be further from the truth. First off, I doubt JFK would want to be associated with today’s democratic party and/or the progressive movement. For all his faults, JFK knew communism and collectivism in general were evil things. He would have been disgusted by the beliefs the modern left holds today. Especially their hatred of America and American exceptionalism. JFK almost started WW3 because he knew that if he gave in to communists and let them put missiles in Cuba, he would be putting our way of life in jeopardy. He didn’t trust those evil bastards and what they believed in. Today’s left still expends massive effort to pretend that the Soviet Union wasn’t a big deal and that they actually weren’t that bad. Some even will tell you they feel the wrong side won the Cold War, as the Soviets were far better stewards of mankind or some such nonsense. Just like they spend massive effort pretending Hitler’s fascism was rightwing when it clearly is just the other side of the collectivist coin. Just because it wasn’t communism doesn’t make it right wing.

More importantly, I have always believed that the left has been so enamored with all the conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassinations precisely because it would otherwise have to admit that JFK was murdered by someone that shared practically the same beliefs held by today’s left: Lee Harvey Oswald a self-avowed communist and America hater. Oswald was one of them. They can pretend otherwise, but that’s a fact. And Oswald killed Kennedy because he not only wasn’t, but because he was fighting them.

The progs should give Kennedy a rest. He would more likely than not hold nothing but derision for them and their beliefs anyway. If you want to honor JFK, focus on finding out how the left took such a left turn from the things he believed in, and landed exactly where the person that ended up murdering him came from, and work your way back to reality. Collectivism sucks. Kennedy wasn’t the mythical creature they made him out to be. And mor eimportant of all: he would not recognize the current democratic party.