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Yes, We Are Going To Make You Look Like An Idiot

It is the consensus among some around here that the malaise we as Americans find ourselves in is nothing more than a speed bump, a temporary pause from the usual march to prominence, and that happy days are right around the corner. Sure, it is easier for the guy across the street to say ,”No big deal, it’s just a little smoke, chill”, when his neighbor is busy trying to put out the flames emanating from his living room. Of course this new found stature might result from a coup or a revolution, refreshing that tree of liberty and all, but don’t expect the correct crop to do much pruning;

Did anyone here know the answer to that pop music question? Has anyone even heard that song before? {my cave doesn’t even have an echo}

But no hand wringing for us, we’ll save that for all those progressive’s lamenting the demise of the polar bear. My bunker is well stocked. I will take a page from the current generation and say ,”I got mine so suck it, all you schmucks are on your own”, gee, I feel so contemporary.