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Know What You’re Doing, Or Take The Bus

A reoccurring theme in many of my posts, a personal pet peeve (but you guys already knew that) is bad driving. Being proficient in the operation of the automobile is lost art. Any bozo can turn on the ignition, operate the gas peddle and brake, and steer, but for the true professional, mastering the intricacies of the perfect balance (performance and safety) it’s not just getting from point to A to B, the style in which the journey is taken speaks to the man himself.

A few years back when I taught my son to drive (calculating stopping distances at different speeds, visual horizon, space cushion, real wheel cheat, front end swing, afterwards he commented that he could now drive the space shuttle) a selling point for his pursuit of excellence in this area was that any girl with him could see the mastery at which he handled his wheels and would naturally assume that the same care and technique would be delivered between the sheets.

Many factors have gone into the diminution of driving ability over the years, but mostly folks never really learned how to drive in the first place. And now with the advent of cell phones, it is worse than ever. When ever I see a boneheaded move on the highway, the majority of the time the driver has a cell phone in his hand, giving that total attention to the detriment of his driving. I know it’s against the law, where are the cops when you need them?

Clever PSA’s can be used to address the problem, here is one that just ran out of Hong Kong;

Car companies (all of them) should spring for regular PSA’s, it’s just good business and will minimize liability claims when accidents do occur.

The gold standard for clever PSA’s was this one that ran a few years ago;

Anybody that does not wear his seat-belt is dumber than dirt, and beyond selfish if he has a family. This one was out of the UK, maybe because they drive on the wrong side of the road (wankers) they have more than their fair share of accidents so safety is big. Here is another one out of the UK;

Ugh, drunk drivers, don’t get me started.

Google is testing a car that drives itself, for many this is just what they need. For my oneself, I will be one of the last hold outs, refusing to relinquish an appreciation for the handling of a fine tuned automobile.