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Hey Mr DJ: Year One Anthology

Where does the time go? It has already been one year since the music threads here at RTFLC were revived. Throughout that time all those who have participated have, I hope, then equally entertained and enriched by the experience. I am happy to keep it going, but now I think it is a good time to take a look back at where we have been.

All of the DJ threads can be found here. In honor of this illustrious occasion, you can select tracks that are consistent with one of the 52 or whatever playlists from the previous year. Alternately, I would like to see people share music that they first started enjoying when they heard it here on a RTFLC DJ thread.

Having considered it carefully, I am going to go with Bassist Desires as my personal favorite thread.

This week, everybody who has ever commented on a DJ thread gets a dedication! You have to click it to see what’s in it.

Mississippi Yankee: Back Bay Bravery Edition!

pfluffy: Apocalypto Edition!

Biggie G: Brass Balls Edition!

Hal: Scien-tastic Edition!

Santino: Jitterbug Edition! (nope, not what you’re expecting)

bgeek: Un-Manning Edition!

Alex: Radioactive Shooters Edition!

FPrefect: Betray Us Edition!

blameme: Resurrection Edition!

Seattle Outcast: Big Rock Hits Edition!

Iconoclast: Culture Clash Edition!

CM: Barack Hussein Obama Edition!

Shiftuser: Rambling Man Edition!

Xetrov: Reset Button Edition!

Poosh: Happenstance Edition!

dakrat (Where are you, you fool?): Jitterbug Edition! (you’re getting the one Santino probably thought he was getting)

West Virginia Rebel: Ril Ruhtarrded Edition!

InsipiD: Risky Business Edition!

stogy: Iron Lady Edition!

Jesus, I bit off more than I can chew. For the first time ever, I’m glad these threads aren’t more popular.

Rich Taylor: Cock-Blockers Edition!

working_man (Hey, him too?): Trying to Get a Red Line Edition!

Harley: Ring of Power Edition!

Apologies to those I may have missed. This was completed with my usual laziness, apathy, and procrastination. If I omitted you, just comment “Hey, Dumbfuck” and I’ll move to correct it.