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Fallout From A Murder

No matter what one thinks of police and modern policing, police violence, police racism or lack therefore, the execution of two NYPD officers over the weekend was thoroughly evil. Even if these officers were abusive and racist — and there is no indication whatsoever that they were — this act should still be thoroughly condemned by everyone.

I am not an anarchist. We can see around the world how thin the veneer of civilization … Read more

Beheading in the Streets

I’ve been tinkering with a post on yesterday’s cold-blooded murder and attempted beheading of a UK soldier by two Islamic men. But what is there to say? It was senseless, pointless, barbaric and brutal — everything we have to expect from Islamism. And while the video of these men speaking is horrific, I’m glad that people will get to see these men literally soaked in the blood of an infidel while they shout Islamic slogans. … Read more

Big and Little Apples Roundups

A lot going on today and I don’t have time to flood the zone with posts on everything. So here are a few rapid-fire thoughts:

It’s clear that today’s Empire State Building shooting was not a mass shooting but straight-up murder. The press were all geared up to cover it like a mass shooting, but the guy killed an executive and then got mowed down by cops on a crowded street. Much as I’d like … Read more

Mathematical Malpractice Watch: Gun Deaths

Before we start, I don’t want to debate, right now, whether more or less gun control would have prevented today’s tragedy (although you can probably guess which way I lean). No, I want to illustrate how statistics get distorted to make gun control seem like a good idea.

(For the moment, I’ll ignore the suggestion that guns kill people all by themselves. I also have no idea if Dakin supports gun control or not. I … Read more

Zimmerman Charged

With second-degree murder. I’m not sure that the special prosecutor has done anyone any favors here. It’s going to be difficult to convict him of second-degree murder given the ambiguities in some of the testimony. And if he’s acquitted, no one is going to say, “Well, at least he was charged.”

The prosecutor said she doesn’t prosecute by public petition. But her demeanor is not that of someone who hates the spotlight. I have … Read more

Jury Duty

Although I am a proponent of our judicial system (got anything better to offer?) I am also of a mind that people that sit on juries are usually too stupid to get out of jury duty. A promise of a jury of one’s peers is an easy order,  but to assume they will find anything resembling justice to always a crap shoot. One of the themes that was popular at the other site I wrote … Read more