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Here We Go

In one of Hal’s election posts last week I mentioned that wrt SCOTUS judges and what ideology was more antagonistic to our civil liberties, for my money it was the libs (from now on I’m going to stop using the word “progressive”, it gives them more credit then they deserve, and go to calling a spade a spade). Free speech is only free (and protected) as long as they approve the script ahead of time. And as far as the Second Amendment, Oy vey! But this new Muhammad film as done the world a service, it has brought out all the free speech fascists, exposing their hypocrisy as a defender of any civil liberties at all.

Yeah, they are talking about this guy. I would say that the general consensus is that Jones is a douchenozzle of the first degree. Now that we got that out of the way, what bizzaro world do we live in where anyone cares what some back woods pastor thinks anyway? He “promoted” the film, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that sure does sound sinister. He has no hand in the script, the making of the film, the production, or even the distribution, but he showed it in his church, so now the MSNBC liberals want the jackboots to kick in his door and go get him, pathetic.

Think they are fringe within their community” Wrong

Anthea Butler is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. The title of her most recent book, The Gospel According to Sarah: How Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Angels Are Galvanizing the Religious Right, gives you a pretty good idea of where she stands politically.

This morning, she strongly implied that Sam Bacile is responsible for yesterday’s embassy attacks and, as a result, should be tossed into jail.

All over some low rent production of a crapolla movie that even the Onion or SNL would not take credit for, here is a small trailer:

Ah yes, the power of the vagina, capable of an instantaneous religious epiphany, hallelujah!!

I wonder if those guys who make the Girls Gone Wild videos, if they had a ME edition, would it have caused this much constipation within the Muslim community?

But since there is nothing worse then a pissed off Muslim (and anything outside of their 12th century lifestyle, gets them all rankled) what is the rest of the world to do? One thing not to do is legitimize their indignancy by apologizing for the cause of “hurt feelings”, get a grip.

Aside from the usual pep talk that everyday we need to watch those bastards in power, keeping their feet to the fire while reintroducing them to their duties of upholding the Constitution and guarding our civil liberties, the other thing that is needed is to constantly show the Muslim community what asshats they are when they can’t handle a little bit of criticism and ridicule. They are the enemies of free expression, we are the advocates for free expression, the savages need to be brought to the adult table, which they will do kicking and screaming, but it needs to be done. We need to do more along the line of “Draw Muhammad Day”, we need to bring them to the 21st century by condemning their barbarity, laughing at their infantile temper tantrums, and reminding them in order to go along you must get along. I know it’s hard to compete with 72 virgins waiting for you, and here is where we need those silent majority types to stop being so silent. They are perverting your religion, do something about it.