The Right Response to MSNBC

So last night, MSNBC tweeted the following:

Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family. on.msnbc.com/1dPgQEU— (@msnbc) January 30, 2014

As you can imagine, right wingers were not amused by this. Actually, anyone with two brain cells to rub together — right winger, left winger or upside down pineapple cake winger — was not amused by this. MSNBC quickly withdrew the tweet, apologized and fired the staffer. I think the third part is a bit of an over-reaction. As offensive as the tweet was, I don’t like anyone losing their job over a moment of stupidity. Honestly, that’s probably not going to be in the top ten of mind-boggling things said by MSNBC this week. The difference is that the other stupid things will be said by high-profile media types MSNBC can’t fire, not low-level tweeters they can. I’m pretty sure “Right Wingers are Raaacists!” is MSNBC catchphrase; their equivalent of “This is CNN.”

But I want to step aside from the outrage machine for a moment, since my outrage-o-meter broke back in naught-seven. Instead, I want to link to what I see as the best response to this. Michelle Malkin responded to MSNBC by tweeting a picture of her own biracial family. This resulted in a hashtag of MyRightwingBiracialFamily that was picked up by hundreds of right wingers, who tweeted pictures of their own multi-racial families. Go here for a sample. Trust me, it will bring a big smile to your face to see the reality of so many conservatives who couldn’t give two shits about what color your skin is with their beautiful happy multi-racial families.

This is how you respond to Left Wing idiocy or any other kind of idiocy. Don’t get angry and sign petitions. Don’t demand rote apologies from people haven’t given a sincere one since kindergarten. Show them how wrong and stupid they are, how misinformed they are, how out of date they are.

MSNBC’s tweet made them look like assholes; the twitter response made them look like the misinformed fools that they are. That’s awesome.

Monday Morning Giggle: SNL Debate

I don’t usually watch Saturday Night Live, but had to catch it this weekend to see what they would do with the debate. They did not disappoint. The opening sketch was great, but they absolutely hammered MSNBC, particularly Al Sharpton. My favorite quote: “Nearly 70 million people watched the debate on TV, DVR, online or from one of the podiums.”

They Are Out Of Control

I know, utterances voiced over at MSNBC are not worth the breath to discuss it, not worth wasting the 3 seconds it takes to properly evaluate it as nonsense, or even to throw it on the alter of rational discourse. Dismissing it as empty noise is the easy part, but when the Romney campaign gets sidetracked by one of their rants, we all want to tell them to don’t fall for it, to keep on message, that being the economy and why this president is a dismal failure.

Take a look at the latest over at the gutter network:

I have never seen this guy before, but the woman refuting the nonsense is S.E. Cupp, what the hell is she doing over at that network?

Racist rants is discussion de jour, the status quo over there and normally it would not get any play, who cares what crazy people say? But Romney got sucked in:

The Mitt Romney campaign is privately addressing a racially-charged attack from MSNBC host Touré, sources say.
Speaking to Breitbart News, a Romney spokesperson stated, “We are discussing this matter with network executives at MSNBC.”

Why? By placing himself inside the circle jerk, he gives it oxygen and airtime, come on Mitt, you are being played.

I ran a post last week about CNN and how other cable news networks are dvying up the numbers. MSNBC had way more viewers then I would have imagined, but these are all hardcore lefty viewers, the Keith Obermann/Rachael Madow rejects who’s vote is already determined. This goofball is essentially preaching to the choir, so if he wants to foment non existent racial hatred, and find klansmen under his bed at every turn, who cares, right? I mean if a race baiter falls down in the forest, does anyone other then racists themselves hear him fall?

The only harm I can see is if this Toure clown is allowed on other networks, ones where there might exist an independent viewer, and he is allowed to do his racists rants, you know the MSM would would not call him out on any of what he says.

Mitt and his crew have to be smarter then this. Distraction is all they the DNC has. They certainly are not going to run on his record or the issues of the day, demonizing the opposition and the personal attacks will only intensify. Keep on message and hit those bullet points, the worst recovery in 70 years, the highest poverty rates in 50 years, 8.3% unemployment, $16 trillion in debt, the president that ruined our credit rating, 100 million on public assistance, a diminished America, that is what another 4 years will look like.

Isn’t it ironic, the post racial president who was going to bring us all together, he has actually set race relations back 20 years. Is there any criticisms of this man that can’t be blanketed and marginalized by his apologists as racist?

Punch Chris Instead

Somethings in life defy logic and 2 of those head smackers are : Given their abysmally low ratings, how is MSNBC still on the air, and why would any politician not a flaming fringe lefty even bother to go on that network? Granted most heavy hitters don’t bother, the 12 or so viewers that regularly watch, they are converts anyway, why sing to the choir? Trolls like Debbie Wildebeast Shultz and Alan Geico Caveman Grayson have been regulars but I think that’s because of all the free MSNBC gear they get, the staffers love wearing that crap. But back to the grown ups, why serious folks would appear, that was the conundrum, until I saw this exchange:

This is what Alan West should have done. Despite all the support he has received today, the old saying about wrestling with a pig/getting dirty certainly applies here, wallowing in the mud is something THEY do, they are good at it and don’t mind the dirt, but now I think he regrets the email and wishes his cooler head had prevailed.

But what Joe Walsh has demonstrated to us is that if you want to let ‘er rip, go on Mr. Tinkles’ show, he isn’t going to listen anyway, you won’t convince the baker’s dozen worth of viewers that he is a nimrod (that is why they like him) and he lost all credibility years ago as being a serious anything, go on and have fun. Use it as a cleansing experience, a catharsis, clear out your carburetor and feel invigorated. And I hope every single guest who ever goes on his show rips him about that tingly leg comment, that is his cross that he needs to bare for the rest of his professional (ha) career. That was probably better for Joe than 40 minutes on the treadmill.

Maddow Under Fire

Hmm. Not so fun when it happens to you, is it?

Following the announcement on Friday of same sex marriage legalization in New York, Rachel Maddow made a comment on her MSNBC show — a comment which invited a backlash Maddow could not have expected.

“Obama is against what just happened” she said, to express that the president had not supported marriage equality; something Maddow has pointed out numerous times. The MSNBC host is correct in so far as Obama has not lobbied in support of same sex marriage — his so-called “evolving” position on the issue has culminated in his calling New York’s vote “a good thing.” But Maddow’s comment invited a backlash on Twitter from Obama fans, and some of the criticism was heated.

Those of us who have criticized Obama know exactly what was thrown at her. She was accused of lying, accused of being a hater, accused of being racist — all because she happened to say something that was true, which is that Barack Obama has stated, multiple times, his opposition to gay marriage.

Leftie critics of Obama are surprised when his happens, even though they frequently engage in such invective themselves. Think Maddow will ponder this the next time she nods as some dim-bulb guest says the Obamacare opposition is fueled by racism?

Are those crickets I hear?