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When you get caught abusing power, legalize the abuse

The IRS, after getting caught helping the Obama administration and democrats silence the opposition by abusing their power, has proposed a new rule that will basically legalize the politically motivated criminal activity they engaged in. Have no doubt that this rule’s main purpose is to give them legal ground to abuse their power and silence the opposition. As this article discussing the comments related to this new proposed rule states:

At the time of this

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Another scumbag donkey barely makes the news.

If you get your news from the usual LSM outlets, I am sure you are going to be totally surprised about another politician being accused of despicable behavior. You can not fault them for having puerile posts like this one, even though the “NJ’s Menendez flees ho heat” title is catchy, which is incredibly light on facts and pretends this revelation is a recent development. There is one heck of a serious story of … Read more