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When you get caught abusing power, legalize the abuse

The IRS, after getting caught helping the Obama administration and democrats silence the opposition by abusing their power, has proposed a new rule that will basically legalize the politically motivated criminal activity they engaged in. Have no doubt that this rule’s main purpose is to give them legal ground to abuse their power and silence the opposition. As this article discussing the comments related to this new proposed rule states:

At the time of this writing, not one public comment on a proposed IRS rule for 501(c)(4) nonprofit groups is positive.

The proposed rule, “Guidance for Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Organizations on Candidate-Related Political Activities” does not impact labor unions or the Chamber of Commerce, but does impact the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

It is out in the open that the IRS is targeting perceived political opponents, but this truth is frustratingly not being shouted from the rooftops by the mainstream media or the Republican establishment, who have been quite clear in their disdain for the Tea Party.

These scumbags have no shame. They want to run a banana republic and have no qualms about making it so. A complicit media, and a lot of idiots that love their envy/greed, take from the producers agenda, make it easy for them. O, how far have the mighty fallen. But, hey, be careful, or Obama will accuse you of being motivated by racism. Cause anyone that opposes his agenda as emperor has to do it because they are evil racists. Otherwise they would love to have him and his cronies destroy the country, shit all over the constitution, enforce the law willy-nilly, hurting their political opponents while providing cover for their friends, and in the process destroying our freedoms and rights.

Pathetic. These people are nothing but criminals pretending to be otherwise.

Another scumbag donkey barely makes the news.

If you get your news from the usual LSM outlets, I am sure you are going to be totally surprised about another politician being accused of despicable behavior. You can not fault them for having puerile posts like this one, even though the “NJ’s Menendez flees ho heat” title is catchy, which is incredibly light on facts and pretends this revelation is a recent development. There is one heck of a serious story of abuse of power and confidence going on here, but this story is now finally seeing the light, not because of the LSM, but because the blogosphere and the right not letting go of what should be a headline grabbing story. But the LSM could not be bothered.

In fact, the FBI had credible evidence that Menendez has made regular trips to the Dominican republic to engage in under age sport fucking because they had been investigating him long before the last election, but they, and the LSM, sat on that information until after the election. I am certain that was politically motivated, to make sure NJ kept that seat in the (D) column, but I am going to be accused of being a conspiracist for pointing out this is typical Chicago style politics, and it is Chicago style politicians that are in charge. How else can you explain that these leftists, like Hillary, can make confident claims that no matter how dispicable what they did is it will not affect their political ambitions, but that they believe they are protected from anything and everything they do, no matter how bad?

This is scandalous behavior. Menendez is a prominent democrat, chairs the foreign relations committee, and while I am willing to say that these are allegations against him, the mountain of evidence leads me to believe that it is actually only the tip of the iceberg. The left, because it only ascribes to a double standard as its standard, was content to ignore the fact this guy was doing all these things that would make leftists go bananas if the perp was not one of their own. Do you think Dingy Harry would have punted on Menendez if he had a (R) instead of a (D) next to his name? The left tried hard to keep this story out of the news. Now they are trying hard to manage how it gets reported, including hiding the role of both the donkey politicians and their cohorts in the LSM both before the story was forced on them, and as it plays out. If they had their way this guy wouldn’t even get a slap on his wrist.

This thing is going to be fun to watch play out. For perspective, imagine how the LSM would be preorting this if Menendez was not one of their own.