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What could have changed?

It looks like after 8 years of ignoring such things as an indiscriminate campaign of drone strikes against all sorts of shady ass-clowns or otherwise, and a massive escalation of US military “kinetic” activity that has left the Middle East on fire and in shambles, by President Nobel Peace Prize of all people, that we suddenly have a return to the good ole days where the usual scumbags that are part of one or another cabal of organizations anyone inclined to believe in apocalyptic conspiracy theories involving the one world government antichrist movement, and others like me that see it for the collectivist devil it represents, would point to. In this case it is the criminal ICC suddenly deciding that US forces are again committing war crimes. note the distinction this time around though. It is no longer the top guy, but “US Forces” that are being accused.

Battlespace prep, people. Nothing but the crooked globalists covering their collective asses. Why not the cries to get Obama, huh? Fuck em.

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

Seems like the scandal laden Obama administration is again trying to use some smoke and mirrors to divert attention elsewhere, so for the umpteenth time since he was elected back in 2008, he is pivoting his administration’s focus to the economy. If I am adding the numbers correctly, this latest attempt, which is more of the same nonsense he peddled every time before, is the 19th attempt to get the economy growing. From the article:

WASHINGTON — Seeking to focus public attention on the problem he was sent to the White House to solve, President Barack Obama is making a renewed push for policies to expand the middle class, helping people he says are still treading water years after the financial meltdown.

Obama will use a series of back-to-back speeches over two days to take another stab at selling the public on his vision of a thriving economy.

The first of those speeches comes Wednesday when Obama visits the Midwest to speak at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., where he gave his first major speech as a freshman U.S. senator in 2005 during booming economic times. He is not expected to announce any new initiatives. The president also speaks later in the day at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. The third speech is set for Thursday at the Jacksonville Port Authority in Florida.

The White House is billing Obama’s latest speech at Knox College as a major one, comparable in tone to the commencement address he delivered there eight years ago, also about the economy. Back then he talked about how the country can give every American a “fighting chance” in a 21st century transformed by technology and globalization.

For those of you too illiterate to grasp the nonsense, or wearing the ideological blinders, the message is more of the same top-down collectivist bullshit that has produced nothing but the massive campaign of lies to create the false illusion of economic growth or stability that has plagued us for the last 5 years. What do we have to show for this crap? An annual deficit of a trillion dollars for the last 5 budgets – based on estimates, since we have not had congress produce a budget for the last 4years thanks to obstructionism from Harry Reid – that have tacked the same amount to our national debt. Did I mention that we have not had a budget from congress for the last 4 years? That’s likely so they can hide how much more they are really pissing away. An economy that we are now told would plummet if government stopped borrowing money, printing more money, or sheistering through assorted QE efforts that have devalued the dollar and crippled growth. An economy we have been told for the past 5 years is on the verge of turning the corner, or that has turned the corner, but which is for all intents and purposes jobless. An economy that will be strained even further when Obamacare kicks in, forcing even more employers, including the many in public sector, to shift their reliance to a part-time workforce. And that will happen while they shed health benefits that then will become the purveyance and responsibility of a government that has no compunction spying on law abiding citizens (despite a constitutional protection against said abuse of power), or using that information to target and destroy those they have put an a political enemies list.

My prediction? We will have a whole lot of bloviating – that’s the Obama “I am in a permanent campaigning mode, but can do nothing that solves any real problems SOP – demands for even more government spending and “stimulus”, promises of even more free shit, because as we all know the middle class can’t exist absent free shit given by the democrats, and in the end, if they do anything, it will be enact more onerous and destructive regulation that allow the agents of the state even more power to enforce their ideological and self-serving “picking the winners and loser” strategy, which will only serve to cripple economic stability and growth.

And this “pivot to the economy” will not be the last. Now that there are so many eyes looking at them and aware of how corrupt the political DNC machine is, they will have to find new ways to rig the next election cycle in their favor, and nothing buys votes like tax payer subsidized, free handouts.

Detroit, here comes the rest of the US, right in your footsteps, because nothing says economic growth like crony, government manipulatted, vote buying schemes!