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What the class warriors are really aiming for: tax everyone more

Thrill had a post up discussing the upcoming tax battle as the Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire at the end of this year. The donkeys are clamoring for that to happen, because they want stupid people to believe that tax hikes on the rich will somehow cover the $1.3 trillion – estimated since we conveniently have had no budget in the last 3 years to verify it is only this much that they … Read more

Desperation as election nears.

With some 12 days left till our election, Team Obama basically promising us 4 more years of the same economy crippling collectivist, Keynesian, big government bullshit, and all the LSM’s attempts to carry water for “THE WON” not working, the left is getting absolutely desperate. We are bombarded here in CT with class warfare commercials about how if Obama loses the bastards that will take over will basically help the rich soak us all.

Never … Read more

Comrade Clinton, Clueless

For those few here that have made any utterances concerning a preference for Hillary and how she would have made a much better president than that bozo we have now, it is time for a reality check. If it was not blatantly obvious before that the differences between the two philosophies would not fill a thimble, that Hillary is as much class warfare, as much elitists snobby ,”Damn those rich people, just not me” and … Read more