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Canadian Enthusiasm

Canada always looks good by comparison. They are the neighbor that does not steal your newspaper each morning, let their yard go into disrepair, or allow their dog to crap on your grass. Not only have they kept their financial house in order but every once and a while (like now) they have a leader that we would gladly swap for. But all is not ginger snaps in Maple Leaf Land, sadly, they do moron about as well as we do:

Almost 150 people required hospital treatment and close to 100 were arrested after rioters swept through downtown Vancouver following a Canucks loss to the Boston Bruins in the decisive Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final

Those poor Canadians, they don’t get that the winning city always riots, not the losing one, hosers.

I realize it has been a while since a Canadian city has won the Stanley Cup (18 years to be precise) but can’t you guys wait until you actually win before going all rampage on each other?

The study of mob mentality is fascinating. Providing instant anonymity gives folks license to let the demons run loose. And really, the actual cause is irrelevant. Whether it is an anti war protest, Oscar Grant protests, or even for the cause of same sex equality, the reasons for the gathering are meaningless, once the crowd exists then the mob mentality takes over.

Check out this poor guy , probably the store owner who is not real thrilled about his business being vandalized, who tries to intervene. This isn’t some prison playground or streets from some ghetto, by themselves they would have the defense mechanisms (conscience) to monitor and control their baser urges, but together a synergistic effect takes place, now they all want a piece of that guy. So what starts out to be a public commiseration of a hard fought series, turns into bloody violence with cars burned, businesses vandalized, and anything not nailed down stolen.

This is why the police try to be pro active in shutting down this nonsense (most times they fail), with even a group of mild mannered revelers, once that first window gets smashed or car overturned, like sharks smelling blood, it’s on.

I imagine there are some fans in Boston who thinks they are a bunch of pussies, after all, they were the victors, isn’t it their job to show their team spirit by smashing things up?