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King Size Deception

For a hundred and fifty years now the democrats have perpetuated a sham, namely that they have been responsible for and have been a friend to African Americans and their pursuit of equality. Understanding that their support was essential for any consistency in holding power, they, along with a willing MSM as co conspirators have revised the history books and promulgated the lie that every gain, every aspect of their development and growth is a direct result of a concerted effort by the left, and in direct opposition to a racist GOP, who want now and forever to keep the black man down.

Given that all this fly’s in the face of the facts and history, it is remarkable to me that they have been able to get away with this nonsense for so long, proving the old adage that if you repeat a lie long enough.

I bring this up because today our president dedicated the opening of the new MLK memorial.

Thousands of people gathered Sunday to give the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial a proper dedication on the National Mall after its opening in August.
President Obama saluted Dr. King as a man who “stirred our conscience” and made the Union “more perfect,” rejoicing in the dedication of a monument memorializing the slain civil rights leader’s life and work.

Before I get too far into the rant, I wanted to throw out this question, given that MLK never held public office, never wrote, initiated, or was instrumental in getting any equal rights legislation passed, or even motivated any movement of substance by his writings, is his station in life and his fame warranted?

For my own self (and others might feel differently) I have no problem giving him his due. Maybe praising him as a great man is a stretch, he had his failings (like all of us) and was clearly mortal, but his message is what I always focus on.

Probably because I was around (although too young to connect the dots) in the 60’s, the marches, the using of fire hoses and dogs, the segregation, the busings, the whole struggle for equal rights was in my life time.

It seems like such simple concepts, we judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, and all citizens are afforded the same liberties and the same protections under the law (that is why Lady Justice is blindfolded, symbolizing objectivity and impartiality).

It is a bit troubling to me in that a president who has not promoted King’s ideals or his vision for a color free society was present at the dedication. For the guy that transcended race and was going to usher in a new era of race equality, he has been as divisive as any leader we have had, ranking right up their with Woodrow Wilson. From his ,”They acted stupidly”, to overseeing a racially motivated Justice Dept. who turns a blind eye to ACORN abuses and Black Panther intimidation, to allowing too many of his minions in Congress who make outrageous claims without so much as a repudiation.

The Bible says that all are God’s children, deserving of his grace, Dr. King took that a step farther and believed all Americans, regardless of race, are deserving of the same Constitutional protections and freedoms. It is an important message, deserving of an important monument.