Tag: Mine Resistant Armor Protected

Yeah, I am just a paranoid freak.

It heard this past weekend that it looks like in addition to the billions of bullets DHS was picking up that they have started taking delivery of the 2500 MRAP vehicles they ordered last year. For those that do not know, MRAP stands for Mine Resistant Armor Protected, and defines a special class of vehicle specifically designed to operate in a heavily contests urban/suburban environment where the enemy is going to use IEDs and RPGs to deny the troops in the vehicle the ability to do whatever it is they do. I wonder WTF the DHS knows that we don’t and why it expects to need these vehicles at all. Really, ask yourself what legitimate reason you can think that DHS would they need these sorts of vehicles? Unless they are going to allow the DHS to operate on foreign soil as a military force, these vehicles are for domestic use. Maybe Big Sis takes her assessment that the biggest threat to the country is those right wingers that do not want to go along with Team Blues’ vision of a wealth redistributed collectivist paradise seriously? Don’t worry. Obama told us he was no dictator either.