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Monday Roundup

I get backlogged on stories. And I hate open tabs. So here’s a smattering of stories I don’t have time to do full blog posts on but thought were interesting.

  • The White House put the kibosh on the Platinum Coin idea, the IOU idea and the 14th Amendment idea and the President had a presser today calling on the GOP to raise the debt ceiling. The death of the Coin caused much angst among the
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    The Cold War Vets

    Today is Veterans Day, when we honor those who have served. The WSJ has an interesting article up today on a group of veterans that are often neglected: those of the Cold War.

    This weekend, Americans will honor soldiers who fought the country’s wars, from the Somme to Kandahar. In Manassas, Va., 30 miles from the nation’s capital, a parade on Saturday will honor veterans of another big war: the one that never happened.

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    Petraeus Quits: Cites Unauthorized Surge into Unknown Woman

    Alright, he appears to have forgotten that he’s working for a Democratic Administration, so I don’t know why he felt that he had to resign.

    I’ve seen some murmurings that there may have been something else to this. Me personally, I don’t see a lead here. He failed to follow the First Law of Having an Affair: Shut. Up. This just appears to be something a guy like Petraeus would do when he’s done something … Read more

    Holiday Homecomings

    There is no place like home, and for a Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Sailor, the worse time for being away from home is the holidays. Being a vet myself (did not make a career of it or serve in a war zone) I understand (and still remember) those melancholy days, being thousands of miles away from family during the holidays. And although the Armed Services, when they can, go the extra mile in making these … Read more


    This marks only the second time (since Vietnam) a living man has received the Medal of Honor. Our country can not be doomed so long as it has such men to defend it.… Read more

    Called To Honor

    The human condition has always fascinated me. Whether it be heredity or environment, or a combination, some folks can step up to a challenge , turn on that switch and summon the effort at will, while others will wilt, run from it like a hot stove, and seek the comforts of ignominy and mediocrity. But it’s more than just doing the right thing. That voice in your head (conscience) can be either be magnified and … Read more