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VP Debate

Just a quick few thoughts, again.

The VP debate rarely matters in an election. And I guess that’s good if you’re a Clinton supporter because Pence beat the crap out of Kaine. Kaine was constantly interrupting, frequently off-topic, vague with details and awkward in his transparent one-liners. By contrast, Pence was focused and prepared. I disagreed with him plenty, but I ended the night with a good impression of where he stands on the issues. I have no idea what Tim Kaine thinks about anything other than, “Donald Trump sucks.”

It was also a good reminder of what the GOP gave up when they nominated Trump. The election is still close — Clinton has surged in the last week but there’s still five weeks left; plenty of time for Trump to come back and win. However, the Pence debate made it really clear that any normal Republican would be crushing this. The only time Pence ever floundered was having to defend Trump: Trump’s statements, Trump’s positions, Trump’s “foundation”, Trump’s businesses. On these, he mainly resorted to “who is this Donald Trump person of whom you speak?” When he was talking about generic GOP policy or about Clinton, it was simply no contest.

I’m also told there was a moderator, but it was hard to tell. Someone seemed to keep asking pointless questions.