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Obligatory this is f-ed up post.

It seems that a jury has found the Michael Jackson doctor guilty of involuntary man slaughter. While I frankly do not care much about Michael Jackson or this doctor, I do care about the precedent being set by this case. Basically we have a case where government has decided to prosecute someone for what literally amounts to stupidity/accident/negligence, and that worries me. Should this guy have been sued in civil court? Absolutely. Should his license have been pulled. You bet. But sending him to jail? WTF?

There is no way this doctor was out to kill Jackson, his gravy train, and I find the whole premise preposterous that a case could be brought to criminal trail without a real motive. And the whole premise that since Jackson was an addict, the doctor should never have left him with access to these drugs alone, resulting in a criminal case, frightens the bejesus out of me. Yes MJ was someone famous, but that shouldn’t factor in. How far of a stretch is it from this to judges suddenly feeling that parents that let their kid, which got in a fatal (or otherwise) accident, get a drivers license too early, now need to stand criminal trial? Or that someone ignoring some madjob trying to jump out of a window was negligent, and must face the same?

Mark my words, this has opened a can of worms that will have dangerous and sweeping consequences now that government has appropriated to itself the right to decide to prosecute people criminally for accidents or simple bad judgement without any intent to really do harm.

(Video) JimK’s gonna serenade you

I see Rich’s levity and raise him one jackassery. Not sure if anyone even reads my blog much less saw this on a Sunday, so in the interest of lightening your Monday and giving you a reason to take me even less seriously than you do now, I present me. Singing. Paul Anka’s cover of Michael Jackson’s “The Way Your Make Me Feel” at karaoke this past Saturday.

I’m barely even drunk, so I have no excuses. :)