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The Double Double Standard

Apparently, the feminists are up in arms because Congressman Aaron Shock posed with his shirt open on the cover of Men’s Health:

Can you believe that a junior Congresswoman, someone hoping to be taken seriously, would pose nearly topless on the cover of a fitness magazine — in business attire, with her blouse open exposing her entire stomach and most of her breasts (no nipples, but close)?

Remember when Sarah Palin was on the cover of Runner’s World wearing — wait for it — shorts and everyone was like, “provocative!”? And remember when those photos of Krystal Ball surfaced and everyone was like “sexy Santa dildo photos, provocative!”?

Yeah. Aaron Schock is single and a conservative Baptist, and he has some sick abs. Now try to picture Erin Schock, newly elected to Congress, single and a conservative Baptist with some sick abs, on the cover of Women’s Health. Just sayin’.

Only three paragraphs … but OH the amount of bullshit there.

First of all, people are objecting to Schock’s posing. See? Google is your friend. The primary effect of his photo spread has been to fuel rumors that he’s gay. No one is failing to call them provocative since they kind of are.

Second, every time some female Congresswoman is complimented on her looks, the feminists go nuts about the “double standard” of women being judged for their looks and how men aren’t subjected to this. So now they’re objecting to the opposite? It’s a perfect trap for them — they can get mad no matter what.

Third, the person who most objected to Palin’s pictures being used was … Palin. But not when they were taken — it was a planned photo shoot. It was when they appeared on the cover of Time. No one else objected or called her a slut. The photos had no effect whatsoever on how seriously people took her as a political candidate. Supporters still thought she was plenty awesome; detractors still thought she was an idiot. And I’m not sure why Feministe is worried about Palin anyway since they think she’s a pro-life feminist traitor who gets by on her looks anyway.

Fourth, no one … well, no one of significance … had any problems with Krystal Ball’s sexy Santa pictures. What we found amusing was her feigned outrage over the pictures beings released. No one else cared about what she did when she was a college student. Here’s what I said at the time:

What was interesting it that she and others responded with outrage and then … nothing happened. No one cared. Well, some people cared because she’s kind of hot. But it had absolutely no effect on her minimal electoral chances.

But I do wonder if we may be—at long last—moving to a point where no one gives a shit about what someone did in their wild single years. We’ve gotten to the point where every stupid/fun thing we do is immortalized in all its digital glory. That’s forcing us to come to the inevitable conclusion: nobody’s perfect. We muddle along as best we can and try to have some fun along the way. And if it means an embarrassing picture or two turns up down the road … well, that’s life in the Internet Age.

Ball lost because she was in a district she couldn’t win. The pictures, despite her outrage, had nothing to do with anything. She’s still regarded as having a bright political future.

Finally, Feministe is ignoring one of the most important events of the last year when it comes to “provocative” photos and double standards. When some anonymous asshole tried to slur Christine O’Donnell with a fish tale and some pictures, the entire fucking blogosphere erupted in protest. Conservatives, liberals, men, women — everyone thought it was a sleazy piece of shit hit piece and defended a woman that most of them didn’t like.

But you can never win with these neofeminists. They are perpetually stuck in outrage mode.

Aaron Schock can pose all he wants. He’ll be taken just as seriously as Sarah Palin and Krystal Ball were.

Update: Jesus Christ, my brain is getting slow. What about fucking Scott Brown? When he ran for office, the liberals dragged out his Cosmo spread to try to derail his campaign. This became a major issue in denouncing him as a bad candidate. It had much more play than any pics of Palin or Ball, including Keith Olbermann’s disgusting rant.

Christ, do these people remember anything?