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A parallel to ponder – watch the video in the update

I have been paying attention at the odious political attempt by the left to, like ghouls, use the tragedy of Newtown to do what “Fast & Furious” failed to provide them with: an opportunity to shit all over the second amendment. The left’s idiotic and totally emotional and hypocritical argument, repeated ad nauseum, is that if guns, especially any firearm that the left likes to lump into the totally misunderstood category of automatic weapon, are really hard to get, then crazy or evil people will have less of chance to kill. Arguments that show even a total fire arm ban could do no such thing – a midnight special bought off the streets, a dozen cans of gasoline, and a lighter, and any determined crazy or evil bastard could kill half of that school off – fall on deaf ears.

The left has a crisis they plan to take advantage of, and no amount of logic will dissuade them to let go of the emotionally laden narrative they plan to use to disarm the sheep. In the mean time they keep their weapons while they disarm us.

Look, the best example I can think of how we should address the left’s emotional tirade, is our legal system. Our legal system is supposedly structured in order to protect the innocent above all. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are replete with enumerated limitations on the power of government to violate the presumption of innocence and our basic right to freedom. We accept, and are even proud of the fact, the system has a motto that says it is better to let 1000 guilty people walk than it is to convict one innocent man! It is a risk we accept to honor the rights of the innocent. And yet, when it comes to our second amendment rights, these same idiots that pretend to be the most proud about the legal system, take the exact opposite tact. They want to punish the tens of millions of good, law abiding, and responsible American firearm owners in order to keep the illusion of safety your occasional evil and/or crazy fucker violates.

It is not accidental that this Lanza kid picked a gun free zone to do his killing. Just like I am certain there was nothing that could have been done to prevent him from doing it. Oh, in hind sight there will be all these people saying that we should have noticed this or that, but it will all be after the fact nonsense. Lanza, unfortunately for the left, which is probably why the media has not pushed the narrative, came from a well to do home – his mother got $250K a year in alimony! – did great in school, and did nothing that would come of as a red flag before he committed this senseless act. We have heard that he was bright and did well in school, even if he was a bit of a loner. There are thousands of kids with high school issues that never do what Lanza did. His mental health issues are still up for debate, but I have a feeling we will find out event these were exaggerated by the media ghouls feeding on this tragedy.

As I pointed out, repeatedly too, no laws, not even a total firearms ban, could have prevented a determined killer from doing evil. Connecticut has some of the most draconian firearms laws in the union already, and they did not stop the massacre. The left’s idiotic narrative that more restrictive rules or even firearms bans would have prevented or deterred a determined mass murder, is bullshit. Would the tragedy be any less of a tragedy had he killed fewer kids with something other than a firearm? What if he had stolen a gas tanker and drove the thing into the school then blown it up? Would we be discussing the banning of gasoline delivery trucks?

The good things is that some people are getting it. Our aristocracy, the same fucking leftist twits telling us right now that we need to be further disarmed, send their kids to schools with armed security. Practically every one of them also have private guards that are armed to the teeth. But for the regulars shlob, their answer is to disarm us more and leave our kids and our own security to their approved government agents. The same ones that where twenty minutes late to the Newtown massacre when seconds counted.

If we have a legal system willing to let criminals walk to protect innocents, why do we have so many of that system’s big defenders ready to attack and undermine the second amendment, under the pretense that they are doing good, while the end result is punishment of the innocent to prevent the guilty from doing wrong? There is something else at work here. And we forget that at our own risk. I remind everyone again that it is not an accident that violence is the highest in the very places where the left disarmed the law abiding people with the laws they now are pushing for.