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Democrat Super PACs and Self-Loathing

What are liberals to do?  The Citizens United decision by SCOTUS is almost as infuriating to progressives as Bush v Gore.  Almost.  They’re convinced that the deck is permanently stacked against them because The Rich, Inc is somehow able to buy elections and cancel out their votes.  As we all know, only the government should be able to buy votes and only through entitlements and free cell phones, but that’s not what I’m interested in right now.

Not content after ruthlessly demagoguing against job creators to the point that they’re a virtual hunted minority, driving them to renounce their citizenship to flee punitive taxation, and trying to strip them of their First Amendment rights to support the candidates that they prefer; Democrats are turning their anger inward in a rare display of acknowledgement of their own hypocrisy.

In 2010, conservative outside groups held a three-to-one advantage in spending on House races and a slightly more than two-to-one advantage in Senate races, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The formation of the Democratic super PACs and their coordination with traditional liberal groups — labor, environmental and women’s groups — helped cut that advantage to less than two-to-one in both House and Senate races in 2012, according to Federal Election Commission data.

No mention of all of those strange foreign donations that bypassed credit card verification on the Obama campaign’s website though.  If only there were some way to turn that on and off.  But I’m being unfair.  This is about Super PAC’s.  

I don’t really expect the Democrats to quit using money from Super PACs.  No political party practices what it preaches when it comes to ethics and hundreds of millions of dollars.  It’s just delightful to see them actually acting like they feel guilty, for once, about something that helped them win an election.  I wonder if we’ll see similar chest-thumping about the possibility that some fraudulent voters may have gotten counted thanks to their bitter opposition to Voter ID?

Nah.  The playing field just has to be leveled, after all.