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Hey Mr DJ: Apocalypto Edition

If you’re reading this, the world hasn’t ended yet. Maybe later. After lunch dinner any minute now.

I’ve been pretty light on the posting of late, I know. It’s been a busy month and there’s worse ahead. It would almost be convenient if the End did come this week to help me escape my holiday obligations. But of course, I’m not that lucky.

Let’s keep this moving while we still have time. Add music about:

1. The end of the world with big, sexy disasters and epic chaos.

2. Christmas (for those of you expecting nothing today and already looking ahead). At least provide some negative Christmas music, if you don’t mind.

3. For the truly Coast-to-Coast AM folks, let’s have some songs on the sudden advancement of human consciousness and honor for the traditions of native peoples. Although it would have been nice of them to be considerate enough to leave a note explaining what it means when their calendar suddenly ends.

4. Whatever. If we’re going out, let’s make it count.

There are no individual dedications. Because you’re all doomed. I did stockpile a few songs for personal consumption though.

Back to the bunker.