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Maximum Fail

Obamacare is a disaster, the country is going to the dogs, the spectacle of the GOP eating each other has become boring, the rest of the world is figuring out what a paper tiger we have become and that they are on their own, and the whole idea of being left alone (and to our own devices) is becoming harder and harder in this land of ever expanding intrusive government, there, now that the ancillary minutiae is out of the way, on to the important stuff.

Maxim Magazine just put it it’s top 100 list. Spend a minute and a half to review. It beats politics all to hell and we will have time for complaints afterwards:

Naturally their number one is absolute rubbish. A few other complaints; I get that most entries are entertainers (movies or TV) but why do they always satisfy themselves with low hanging fruit? Where are all the hot athletes, such as Lindsay Vonn, Alex Morgan, Allison Stokke, or some of the smoking female tennis players like Anna Ivanovic or Eugenie Bouchard? For all we know, 99% of those on that list are dumber then dirt, totally vacuous between the ears. Brains are sexy, how about some hot CEO’s, political commentators (ahem, Katie Pavlich) or women with some abilities other then filling out a swimsuit?

Still, the list ain’t half bad, any favorites of yours they forget to mention?